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  1. It's Iceland's time to shine!
  2. fuxkbg americans yo
  3. Veljnunbn î wh!!!!!
  4. Jk how to delete
  5. Too much effort if you ask me
  6. Welcome! How much you Snatch?
  7. Welcome! You'll have to change name.
  8. Welcome! 😇
  9. Even if it's lower p/h I might just still upgrade my mobile plan to 50gb 🤓
  10. Welcome! 😇
  11. I'm gonna have to upgrade my data plan 😢
  12. Just do it! Will take no time 😐
  13. Welcome! ☺️
  14. I went to Fossil Island once.. died in some forest there and haven't been back since!
  15. Sweet! Although I never understand what brings people to Iceland haha