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  1. WG Ghoul

    Welcome, keep pushing and you'll get those goals sooner than you'd imagine.
  2. WG Ghoul

    Welcome brother.
  3. WG Ghoul

    Welcome brother
  4. WG Ghoul

    Can we vote on an anime watch night? It could be a weekly deal, whoever hosts it would stream it from whatever source stream website, it'd be fun!
  5. WG Ghoul

    I'll be streaming some of our events, as well as things that I do myself, or with a friend. This doesn't mean I'll be streaming EVERYTHING we do, but we will be live at times. Drop a follow to show support to one of your boys. https://www.twitch.tv/okghoul
  6. WG Ghoul

    Has anyone watched this show? I'm on season 5 and I've just got to say that Ivar the Boneless has got to be the most bad ass viking to live.
  7. WG Ghoul

    Most people call me Tom or Thomas. Either is cool with me.
  8. WG Ghoul


    OSU is the biggest trigger for me. Can't play it anymore lol.
  9. WG Ghoul

    I currently don't have a pet, I'm just here to see the cute pups.
  10. WG Ghoul

    Just gonna start a thread of insane RNG. I got a Kree task and went with a friend to duo. 2nd KC.... ACP.
  11. WG Ghoul

    So, I currently drive an 06 Acura TSX, I'm bent on getting another car as a project or daily. The TSX has about 150k miles on it and I've beat it for years, so no loss if I turn it into a project and get a daily. But the only problem I have with it is the depreciation of the car. Even selling it to another car enthusiast with everything I'd like to do to it, I'd probably only get 12 grand for it. I'd like to buy a 370z, Z, or a 240sx. Maybe even a s2k. The 370 and s2k would hold their value for a few years, but with the Z and 240 there is a grey area. Idk what to do.
  12. WG Ghoul

    Can't seem to compress my better pictures, but here's the work in progress.
  13. WG Ghoul

  14. WG Ghoul

    Most coordination I've seen from a group of randoms.