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  1. WG Minos

    Im from Canada, but ive traveled to Europe twice and been all across it. gotta say europe is one of my favorite places ive been to, still need to go back again to travel to Greece, but thats after I take my trip to new Zealand
  2. WG Minos

  3. WG Minos

  4. WG Minos

    Welcome! Finally another Canadian player!
  5. WG Minos

    Welcome! Hope to see ya around
  6. WG Minos

  7. WG Minos

  8. WG Minos

    Im down for this, always down for games with some other clan members
  9. WG Minos

    Welcome! Glad you decided to apply to us!
  10. WG Minos

    Hello and Welcome !
  11. WG Minos

    Be wary of @Adult Cat he will drag you into endless hours of barb assault
  12. WG Minos

    Welcome! look forward to doing some pvm with ya!
  13. WG Minos

    Welcome! You should meet our fellow clan mate 4474, I'm sure you guys have something in common
  14. WG Minos

    I'm one of the younger clan members sitting at the young age of 21.
  15. WG Minos

    I do as well but now it frees up more space. I have so much room for activities now!