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    Happy Birthday man have a good one.
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    grats man gj
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    Noice dude, never done it myself but its a future goal....soooo jealous right now tbh
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    Edited at the end of Stage 2
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    Wow, b0nk made, grats
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    thx for the advice, maybe i'll mix it up a lil
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    Ok guys, here's the plan: I decided to go for 100 combat so that i wouldn't be quite so pathetic next to all you level 120's. I decided that the quickest and most useful way to get combat levels up would be to get 70 Prayer for Piety. The one problem is that i am stunningly poor so i can't really afford to buy the dragon bones, so i decided to kill them myself. Dragon Bones Required: 2144 Bones Gathered: 2144 Dragonhide's: All Hides Sold For Bones Other Loot: All Loots Sold For Bones Stage 1 Day 1: I spent my first day of this mixing it up between both Green and Red dragons, i spent a short time with the Brutal Red Dragons and quickly realised it wasn't going to be quick or cheap enough to meet my aims. Day 2: Today i went to Lava Dragons, if wasn't up to much with me dying before getting most of the loot back to the bank. After i finished at Lava Dragons i went to the Grand Exchange and sold all Dragonhide's and other loots and used the money to buy more Dragon Bones. Got 83 hp. Day 3: Went pking. Killed some Blue Dragons and spent a little time killing revs all money put into Dragon Bones. Got 74 Attack. Day 4: Spent most of my time Fletching today. Went to Rev's for a short time and sold the loot to but dragon bones. Got 82 Fletching. Day 5: Finished my Fletching. Went to Bandos with the bois. Went to Canifis to do my alching and agil (no xp waste). Got 83 Fletching and 54 Agility. Missed the pic for my agility level cause im a noob. Day 6: Finished my Alching, went to Revs then done a lil slayer. Got 81 Magic and 55 Agility. Got 31 million total xp. I Have now collected all of the bones needed to gain 70 prayer. This ends stage 1 Down here I'll Keep track of the levels gained as i get them: Stage 2 Day 1: Quickly done some slayer before starting my prayer. Got 71 slayer and 75 attack and 97 combat. Missed the 75 attack pic cause a bloodveld slapped me. Later on day 1: Started on my prayer, went from lvl 56 to 60. Day 2: Done a lil prayer before going to rev caves to pay for my new bond. Got my prayer lvl from 60 to 64 and gained 98 combat. Also turns out that 70 prayer won't get me up to 100 combat soooooooo we gonna have to think about that. Day 3: Got nothing done cause Jagex scammed me Day 4: Did a little prayer and then went to revs. Got up to 67 prayer, also got up to 32 million total xp. Missed the pic for 67 prayer, soz guys. Day 5: Didn't do much today, but i did get 73 defence (missed the pic) and 68 prayer (got the pic). Day 6: Did nothing got lazy. Day 7: got 70 prayer and 99 combat (yaaaay my first 99 ) Stage 2 Complete. Stage 3: Ok guys i was right i made a blunder i thought getting 70 prayer would get me 100 combat, it did not. So Stage 3 has come into being. The goal of stage 3 is to get that final combat level BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY!! Let's Get It On!!!
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    Hi im Iain
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    Grats man
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    Thanks for all the positive responses guys, means a lot =D
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    Please join our Discord server and read the #joining_wg channel to see the final step in the process. I0wn0nu What is your current RS name? I0wn0nu List any previous RS names: I had a load before 2009, but i cant remember the exact names anymore, sorry. What is your total level and combat level? I am 96 combat and my total level is 1446 Tell us about your RuneScape account and history. I started playing Rs when i was like 11 years old so that would have been in like 2004. I played until the summer of 2009 when i quit because i was getting annoyed with how the game was starting to go. I heard about osrs from a guy i used to know as a kid and decided to give it a try this was like 2017 and I've been playing on and off since then. Tell us about your clan history. I was in B0rn and TBE waaaaaay back in the day. Tell us about your yourself. My name is Iain which is pronounced the same as Ian but is Gaelic for John. I'm 24 years old and I'm from Scotland. I'm currently focusing on my education and am unemployed. When it comes to music I'll listen to most anything mainly rap and lighter rock (linkin park ect). Errr i think thats it, if you wanna know anything else feel free to ask. How did you hear about us? I remembered WG from back in the day and decided to look you guys up cause you was cool back then as well. What makes you want to join us? I've been hanging out in your CC in game for ages now and i really like the feel of it. I've got to know some of you quite well while I've been hanging out there and I'd like to be able to get more involved with your events and such. Also i wanna be around for awhile to show albe that i will always be greater than him, even if he did get his fm up faster than me. Do you agree to the rules and requirements of WG and understand that this is an honour clan? Yes Come clean about anything that may deter us from accepting you: Err, cant think of anything except the comp I'm using is currently at my parents house, but im looking into finding affordable broadband for my place soonish.