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  1. Brandon

    I came here just because it said you posted and i wanted to see your bank pic... comeon!
  2. Brandon

    God first mod Jed now this. Put some effort into backgrounds checks Jagex.
  3. Brandon

    Good luck and nice post. Been seeing you in cc alot
  4. About time wise old man gets a update. Useless old fool might be worth going to now.
  5. I call fake! Not real 100%
  6. Brandon

    Congratz I'm jealous! I should work on this stat
  7. Brandon

    Welcome friend, hope you find what your looking for here as I'm sure you will. Good job putting effort into app. See you at events soon
  8. Brandon

    Talked to him on forums about coming and editing post. Hopefully he does
  9. Brandon

    Glad you decide to come join friend! Hope you stay active and I get to play some more pvm with you!
  10. Brandon

    Keep us updated! This is what I live for!!
  11. Brandon

    I hate looking at this thread. I wanna be rich and have a nice bank that doesn't look like someone just got on and moved everything around for fun
  12. I just want your loooovvveee.

  13. Brandon

    Welcome Freek! I hope to get the chance to meet you! Let me know if you need anything!
  14. Brandon

    Lait for President!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! All Hail the Magical Choco, Lait Choco the Almighty Ruler! He rules with an Iron Fist ! Goodluck friend glad we get to be together
  15. Brandon

    Hope I get a chance to meet you and do some events together!
  16. Brandon

    Very nice I need to get my ass in gear and work on Agility. Its just soooo boriinnggg
  17. Brandon

    Good luck, Can't wait to see the pictures!
  18. Brandon

    Welcome Edward! It was nice to meet you when you first joined discord
  19. Brandon

    Good I can steal everyones bank ideas
  20. Brandon

    Very nice family!
  21. Brandon

    Very nice I'm jealous. I'm trying to get my hunter up now so I can do mm2
  22. Brandon

    Hello friend! I've seen you around in Clan Chat. Good luck!
  23. Brandon

    I saw this on Facebook today, Runescape will also have them playing live I think at rune-fest.
  24. Brandon

    AAIGHT I didn't want to tell them how I took your bank. Thanks friends.
  25. Brandon

    Please join our Discord server and read the #joining_wg channel to see the final step in the process. Legend Bear What is your current RS name? Legend Bear List any previous RS names: LEGEND BEAR Legend Bear I think thats the only one I've used.. (I was in WG earlier but I got inactive because IRL issues. What is your total level and combat level? I have been trying to get a strength level at least 1 every three days. I was getting 1 everyday since 90. But I got lazy Tell us about your RuneScape account and history. Well I've played since classic. I still remember the days I quit talking to my friends so I could go pking. I use to think you had to click each tree rapidly to chop it. Made me hate the game for a while. Now I look back on it I miss it because everyone now is all about being the best and buying mills (To Clarify I don't buy mills I'm complaining of people that do.. Even though it keeps rs alive I guess.). So everyone always is maxed and pks in the best of the best. But I'm not good enof for rs3 skillz.. For some reason I can't get use to abilities and all the crazy ways the monsters and combat system works with the Armour. So I go back to the game that I know that makes me feel nostalgic and comfortable even though everyone is usually playing for max xp instead of fun. Tell us about your clan history. This account has only been in one clan. thats WG a couple months back I had to leave because I was going inactive. This was right around the time we changed the requirements. I made really good friends like Lait Choco <3, z1zek, Mojo and a bunch of other ones. I was in WG a very long time ago when Runescape was in its prime. But not very long as I was in school and had to much other stuff going on. Tell us about your yourself. Well... My name is Brandon. All my friends call me Bear to the point I don't respond to Brandon. I am 24 and I work as a Network Administrator. I live in the USA, specifically Pennsylvania. I lived in Florida for a little while with long distance family. But I missed all my family and friends back home so I came back. How did you hear about us? Was a member and have more time so I wanted to rejoin. What makes you want to join us? Once again I was a member but had to go inactive do to life issues. But everything is solved and I'm back at it..:) Do you agree to the rules and requirements of WG and understand that this is an honour clan? Yes Come clean about anything that may deter us from accepting you: I don't have anything I can think of to put here. The biggest issue I have is filling out the application. I love posting on forums but something about posting applications, i always dread. I hope I put enough effort into this for you guys to re-accept me..