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Community Intro - Le Chaos

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Le Chaos


Tell us about yourself.

I have been here before but had to drop it due to school, prior to graduation. I am back never the less and ready to pick up where I left off, hopefully.

To start with, my previous Rs name was "Prism Alpha", but it is now 'Le Chaos". Name in real life is Brandon, I was raised in Texas and attend T&M University as well.

I have been playing Runescape under various accounts since 03' and I honestly don't know if or when I will let this game go.


Clan history.  

Years and Years ago, perhaps around 8 years, I was in a clan or two, just for the pking aspect. I was also in my graduation phase and completed all requirements for this clan before dropping it due to school work becoming excessive.



How did you hear about us? Google

Do you plan to join? yes


Any last comments?  

none that I haven't previously stated.

looking forward to Pvming!

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