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  1. JAK33Y

    Gratz bear!
  2. JAK33Y

    Great gains
  3. JAK33Y

  4. JAK33Y

  5. JAK33Y

    Gratz mate!
  6. JAK33Y

    Wish I had 95 slayer to get this pet
  7. JAK33Y

    Share, I tbed?
  8. JAK33Y

    Absolute filth drop!
  9. JAK33Y

    Welcome dude!
  10. Naughty mace team, that’s definitly been practised many times
  11. JAK33Y

    Late to the party but another year older guys! Happy Birthday 🥳
  12. JAK33Y

    Been to Spain, Austria, Italy, Greece, turkey, Tunisia. Most of them being with a baby / terror of a child
  13. JAK33Y

    Pittsburgh steelers - more of a soccer guy myself since being from the uk
  14. Good luck! Jump in with both feet and enjoy it, it’s the time to create the rest of your lives!
  15. JAK33Y

    Welcome and good luck!