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  1. JAK33Y

    Started with a 1.7 turbo 2003 plate corsa slammed with 17 inch wheels and the usual boy racer shit then bought a new 2012 corsa when my little lad was born to get me to work and ferry him about but hoping to get this in the next few weeks if I can get enough part exchange on mine
  2. JAK33Y

    Technically he never joined ct
  3. JAK33Y

  4. JAK33Y

    Top guy! Definitely a good addition to the clan! Get him in!
  5. JAK33Y

    Bella (miniature Yorkshire terrier) Bites definitely bigger than her bark
  6. JAK33Y

    Welcome to WG!
  7. JAK33Y

    J4K3 actually
  8. JAK33Y

    Think mines quite obvious but Jake here!
  9. JAK33Y

    Decent lad! And would be a good part of the clan!
  10. JAK33Y

  11. JAK33Y

    Welcome, great application btw!
  12. JAK33Y

    Welcome! Like mask said, the applications a bit threadbare
  13. Great guide dude! Might start doing some!
  14. JAK33Y

    Welcome to WG!
  15. JAK33Y