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  1. Hey Xanny. I'm glad that I found you, you seem like a great addition to WG. Thank you for applying, and best of luck!
  2. Welcome Rick, you have some solid levels for pking. Looking forward to seeing you in the wildly.
  3. Hey Simmons, glad to see you decided to post an application. Always good to have more PKers around. Get a few more range, defense, and prayer levels and you'll have a killer range tank. We have a hand full of cod players around, I'm sure you'll fit right in. See you in the wildy (on our side hopefully). Good luck!
  4. Had a good time playing Among Us with you, glad you decided to apply to WG!
  5. Hi fake mojo! I work with vr simulation for law enforcement. I’m on the social science side, not the programming side. Nice to see more vr bois around.
  6. Another Scotsman! How strong is your accent? a few of us watch ufc here, perhaps we should start streaming it in the discord
  7. A welcome addition to the pk crew! Happy to have you.
  8. Hi, welcome! What kind of CARS are you into?
  9. Further evidence that no one actually quits Runescape
  10. Welcome! Your stats are sufficient to pk, and you’ll definitely get em up. See you in the wildy!
  11. always happy to see more people looking to pk! welcome
  12. Yay! My girl applied. Be nice y'all! Wow what a great app, so impressive
  13. Absolutely some beauties! Lovin' the enfield and and v-twins. I got the rebel 300. Small, but that doesnt stop me from 500 mile runs. I do Ocean City, MD, to Cleveland, OH, about once a year. Where do y'all ride?
  14. You have a funny feeling like you're being followed... It's a level 3 Human! Congratulations Mr. Mask and Mask family!
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