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  1. Yay! My girl applied. Be nice y'all! Wow what a great app, so impressive
  2. Absolutely some beauties! Lovin' the enfield and and v-twins. I got the rebel 300. Small, but that doesnt stop me from 500 mile runs. I do Ocean City, MD, to Cleveland, OH, about once a year. Where do y'all ride?
  3. You have a funny feeling like you're being followed... It's a level 3 Human! Congratulations Mr. Mask and Mask family!
  4. Welcome, it makes me happy to hear that kids are playing osrs. Seems like the player base is mostly people who started back in the day!
  5. Hi noapologies, welcome!
  6. Welcome Steven, nice app. I'm also 27 and also ride a motorcycle. I ride a small honda rebel 2017, 300cc. What do you ride?
  7. Welcome! I'm currently living in Maryland, you're right the gun laws here suck... maybe I should consider moving to VA.
  8. Affect Ctrl


    Nice to meet you Derpsly. A maxed 1def pure is pretty awesome. Welcome
  9. Always good to have more pkers around. Welcome!
  10. Welcome Jester! Looking forward to playing with you... so long as you admit skyline chili is better than dixie chili.
  11. Good guy to talk with in chat. Welcome!
  12. Hell yeah. I love fishing, i'm very casual though. Growing up in Ohio I would fish ponds and lakes regularly after school... or I'd cut class and go . I go out to Sanibel island, Florida (right by fort meyers) every few years. I get mostly sharks and tarpons. Here's me about a decade ago... when i was really cool... first time on the shore of sanibel island.
  13. Nice app! Good to see another Ohio guy. I don't live there anymore, but I grew up there and did my undergrad in Cincinnati.
  14. edit: delete. Didnt mean to post here, sorry.
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