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  1. Sweet! I just made a move =D Sounds good, what is your Discord?
  2. Mojo, chess is blast; i recommend a full return =}
  3. Do either of you play chess on Lichess?
  4. Hello =D So, as some of you may know, I am taking a short break from Osrs. While away, I will be playing more chess than usual. So, does anyone here play online chess and want to keep in touch? and perhaps teach me a few moves?? =} I usually play at Lichess.org with the username Sir_Townsman, but I wouldn't mind playing on another site if it is one more people use. Best, Nicholas
  5. Welcome! Best of luck with your app [=
  6. Welcome ! couldn't afford to keep the rs gf??
  7. I think we should vote on a further stipulation: should mining win, i think it a fair test of your rs ability if you get 99 mining using only a bronze pickaxe from, say, 81 mining on. Shall we vote? =P
  8. I've played hours of Elder Scrolls. Started with Morrowind on Xbox, moved to Oblivion on 360, and then Skyrim on ps3 and pc. Great solo games!
  9. This is my dog Bam Bam; she is standing up. I am unsure of who the dog lying down is as this photo was taken awhile ago. Most likely it is my parents dog Zane. Both are English Mastiffs
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