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  1. I laughed harder at the ending then i should have.
  2. I own it, haven't played it much. I own too many games on steam, lol
  3. I have a decent collection of guns, haven't bought anything for a long time as i dont have anywhere to shoot right now, but i really enjoy the older military bolt action rifles. Have a k98, some Nagants, and a few others. Also have a AR-15, a Hungarian AK and some more modern semi-autos. Guns have a lot of historic value for me and its interesting to read about the history of them. I have a few things on my wish list like a M1 Garand and a SVD but that stuff starts to get crazy expensive so i kinda stopped for the time being. Best advice i can give though is look into buying ammo online in bulk if your going to shoot a lot as that part of it can cost more then the guns do.
  4. Nice, im so bad at Jad for some reason, took me forever to do it on my old account and it was almost maxed combat stats, only reason i wanted it was for Ice Strykewyrms, so glad there not a thing in OSRS as i hated the Fire Cape requirement.
  5. Dustin, i was born during the 80's and my mother had a thing for Dustin Hoffman
  6. I wish i could drink, on call for the next 10 days...
  7. On Comcast as its the fastest thing in my area.
  8. Played a ton of Grim Dawn in the past year, i like anything with loot.
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