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  1. tkop

    Just bought a gaming PC and right now I'm really in to PUBG and Rocket League, and Overwatch is in the near future. Add me on steam! Steam Name: osrstkop
  2. tkop

    My name is tricky, but it's no Marouane or Sjoerd ( @Frozen_10 how do I say that?) They call me Brannon.
  3. tkop

    My alt is accomplishing some great things.... Keep it up dude!!!
  4. tkop

    Nope... But I feel like Mojo's gonna go back to back.
  5. tkop

    Such a dope setup! I'm just using my mac screen and another super out-dated 20" monitor. You might've just inspired me to buy a projector though....
  6. tkop

    So to dive in to further detail... We will sell off everything and dump it straight in to skills (mainly buyables required for endgame content like raids and elite diaries) and then rebuild using only each other and our skills. This means we want to get everything on our own, as drops. I don't know about Bricks, but for me this means I will have to learn a LOT more about the game and several bosses and their mechanics. So our first few goals would be barrows sets, blowpipes, sgs's, dwh's, etc. The usual PvM weapons and armour. Some further out goals would be just milestones. Bank value of 100m, 200m, 500m, 1b... This is where you come in. What are your suggestions? What would you want to see us achieve long (or short) term? We will keep our untradeables (void, torso, etc)... so what needs to happen? Can we use them right off the bat, or do we need to set some sort of goal on them that once we have achieved, we can use them again?
  7. I need to get some smithing levels ASAP. I love quests, and will probably try to complete it as soon as it comes out, then post one of the first guides on YouTube. We'll see how it goes!
  8. tkop

    Huge fan of the entire Alaskan brand, although they mostly have IPAs and lighter beers. Their "White" is very, very good. Anything Deschutes is great, too. Specifically their Black Butte Porter- one of the best beers I have had in recent memory.
  9. tkop

    Hey man! Welcome! Hope we get to chat in game some!
  10. tkop

    Rest in peace, rng.
  11. Great guide thanks man! I really appreciate this!
  12. tkop

    Goal IRL is to finish school in the next few years and get plugged in with a photography/film studio, or open up my own. Would also love to go on photography & video assignments for companies like Nat Geo.
  13. tkop

    No problem! Haha that is one of the few songs I think I could hear on repeat for an entire day and still love it. IiIiIi am a maaaaaAAANnn of constant SORROWWWW!
  14. tkop

    SUPPORT x 1,000,000. Also, according to Hans in lumby... your real life account is 2,225,040 hours old- congrats. That might be more hours than even @AAIGHT has played.
  15. tkop

    Cat just can't get it right.... Hi mojo.