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  1. Gets even prettier up north. Just watch out for polar bears.
  2. Outside of RS I really don't spend much time at all gaming. The only other thing I play is Halo on Xbox One.
  3. For vacations I've been to: Hawaii - Oahu Colombia Panama Costa Rica Cayman islands Bahamas United States Mexico PS. I reside in Canada. Planning to go to Europe next year.. still debating which countries. Of the places I've been I liked Hawaii and the Caymans the most. That's probably because they were very tourist friendly and pampering.
  4. I use 2. They gave me 2 at work a few years back and I liked it so I got 2 for my home setup as well.
  5. cutepuppy666 Tell us about yourself. Hi. My names cutepuppy666. and I'm an alchoholic. I generally play OSRS on the weekends these days and I spend most my time PvMing. I hope to make more friends who like to do PvP as well. These are my stats: I don't really skill on OSRS because I spent a lot of time skilling in RS3 and now I don't play that game. IRL I have a pet turtle & dog and 9-5 job. Clan history. I was in a pure clan, Calamity back in like 2009? How did you hear about us? Zybez Do you plan to join? probably Any last comments? Tryna get more of a sense of activities that go on here and the community.
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