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  1. Donktastic

    Who you gonna leak our numbers too hmm ? good to see you lad
  2. https://gyazo.com/f8c6d6ca930470ff7c2213c729bfbf66
  3. Donktastic

    Welcome and Good luck
  4. Donktastic

    Hello and welcome
  5. Donktastic

    welcome !
  6. Donktastic

    126 combat But for real I would say on mains you want to be 115+ as your can ignore most pures then but ideally 120+ normally this means 94 mage+ 95 range And a suitable melee combat stats to boot
  7. Donktastic

    Welcome! More EU pkers the better
  8. Donktastic

    Welcome you noob
  9. Donktastic

  10. Donktastic

    End me now ............ Sick pet tho very jel
  11. Donktastic

    Welcome and Nice app
  12. Donktastic

    So my g-mauler is getting coverted into a 60 attack pure
  13. Donktastic

  14. Revs are bank and fun both PvM and Pking. Slayer is also bank (Most of the time). Bit of merching, Also have an alt that makes some side money before burning it pure pking.