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  1. Donktastic

  2. Donktastic

    End me now ............ Sick pet tho very jel
  3. Donktastic

    Welcome and Nice app
  4. Donktastic

    So my g-mauler is getting coverted into a 60 attack pure
  5. Donktastic

  6. Donktastic

    Welcome, Much better app
  7. Donktastic

    My Bank, Currently 900mil on main and 100mil on pure https://gyazo.com/39fc4cbb2cbecfd7f40311987a90a5ad https://gyazo.com/f58b982e09aff3e9bb175264c0837671 https://gyazo.com/afa0347ed0d5e5e9ddcc02ef5c1c0592 https://gyazo.com/ea120d3e5576c16823779ab89272c9ca https://gyazo.com/82d58062a9aea0ed3352046a05a8fdb1 https://gyazo.com/fe524a9e4d0cbda39ac88748a68f446e
  8. Donktastic

    My name is ...Donk OFC
  9. Donktastic

    Gl with the app, look forward to you joining the greasers
  10. Donktastic

    Welcome and good luck
  11. Donktastic

    Ez game https://gyazo.com/a1516bc46c529cb2073efa9feb446f5a
  12. Donktastic

    A fellow Simon, GL on the application.
  13. Donktastic

    welcome brother
  14. Donktastic

    Where is the option for 4