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WG Lohow

WG Lohow's mace pure

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As I'm maxed combat on my main, I've decided to make a pure whilst skilling on main :) (There's a guide for a ancient mace pure on the guardian+ forums)


Just finished all the required quests, the only thing left is NMZ quests to imbue my berserker ring.



After I've required max efficiency (dscim+bring) I will sit at sand crabs all day :)



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Cant be bothered splashing anymore, going to unlock ghostly robes via DT and train mage via nmz. Need to finish all the pre-quest for DT first. [53 thieving first] 

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Varrock Armor

Climbing Boots

God Books

Mithril Gloves

Ancient Mace

Salve Amulet


Dragon Scimitar

Ancient Magic

Barrelchest Anchor

Crystal Bow


Quests left:

Desert Treasure

Monkey Madness

Zogre Flesh Eaters

Creature of Fenkenstein

Rum Deal

Cabin Fever

Great Brain Robbery


Underground Pass


Roving Elves

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