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Mini Horse

Neighs 60 Atk Pure

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I been working on a new pure and since lohow is also working on his i decided to start working on mine again.


 Goals  short term

Mage Arena 2 cape(done)

Ancient Mace Quest(done)

Mith Gloves(done)

Desert Treasure(done)

80 Str

65 con(done)

52 Pray(done)

85 Magic(done)



  Long Term Goals

99 str

99 range

99 mage

99 Hp

Barrel Chest anchor  


                       Current Stats    (71cmb)                                   Current Quest Points                                       Notable Gear Unlocked

7ced6c257bb0c1443bee7a0772c91715.png        6940b5feb00db615b4a82eac793b17a8.png     312e0c12ac332a7cb122ab0b892769f8.png



Currently working on

80 Str

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