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Wilderness Guardians

The Tale of Rollander Outfield

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    T'was but 4 years ago Roll Out, born Rollander Outfield, crawled out of tutorial island, battered and bruised, but determined to make his mark on all of the lands of Gielinor. He realized right away that this was nothing like what he had just been through. There were monsters, the like of which he's never seen before! There were many people along the journey that helped Roll Out, but many foes as well. Foes that will hunt down and kill you just to satisfy their lust for blood. As the days grew longer and the nights grew colder, Rollander knew it was time... Time to step up and make a change for the better, not only for himself, but for all the people of Gielinor. He decided to team up with the ones who call themselves the "guardians of the wilderness". "Must be a pretty tough task to guard the entire wilderness", Outfield thinks. He decides to enlist into the army of the Wilderness Guardians, hoping one day to bring justice to the people of Geilinor and to prove his father wrong.
    Rollander grew up fairly poor with his father being a baker for King Roland III (who Rollander was named after) and his mother being eaten alive by hellhounds at the age of 12. After his mothers passing, his father ended up going into a downwards spiral, spending all his days and paychecks at The Dancing Donkey Bar. But before his addiction he was adamant on the fact that many of his people would become slaves to the savages that are all throughout Gielinor. That's something that he would drill into Rollanders head. Day in, day out. Rollander never believed it, and never wanted to. He figured "Why cant that be me, why cant I be the one to bring justice?". His father smirked "You'll end up just like your mother" he said. Rollander was furious, at the age of 15 he stormed out of his house. Never to return again. 
    He was doing piddly side jobs, sweeping streets, washing dishes, taking out trash, etc. Just trying to make ends meat. A Falador guard caught him one night sleeping in the hay piles next to the dairy cows. Roll figured they'd never come down that far, it's a long way from their post. "Must've gotten a tip off." he thought. The guard approached Rollander, seeing that he was staving and tired, he handed him a loaf of bread and sat down next to him. They started talking and Roll told his story. The guard was heartbroken, but he could see Rollander had fire in his eyes, ready to conquer the world. The next day the guard brings Roll to Port Sarim, sending him off to tutorial island, knowing that will be the first key to his success of justice.
    The sails were set and Rollander was off to tutorial island, despite his fathers wishes. "The guard must have sent a word to the teachers on the island" Roll said. As the boat landed they immediately removed roll from the pack and took them under their wing for some one on one teaching, unlike the other cadets whom werer grouped together. Somehow they knew Roll would be the one to change the way they see Geilinor forever.
    There were a lot of tasks for Roll to complete on the island, some of which he was never interested in, such as mining and fishing. But he knew they were essential components to make a great war lord. Especially when it came time to killing the monsters. He needed the fishing for food to take with him on his adventures, and he had to mine and smelt ore to make strong weapons. Rollander ended up graduating top of his class, as everybody had expected. He had done all the tasks in half the time thanks to his teachers one on one time. Rollander was very grateful for everybody who had helped him along the way. He was on his first step to bringing justice to Geilinor.

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