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  1. batfire

    Yea quite a few hours i think more than 1000
  2. batfire

    70s base is the best thing i ever did for my account. Together with questcape and all hard diaries, u get a really solid base!
  3. batfire

    Heads take longer, but if you dont have maxed meele you get meele exp aswell (and mage)
  4. The account has a good base, but as you say yourself, theres lots of work to do! FIrst of all: Get Barrows gloves (Finish the recipe for disaster quest). This is THE first thing i do on all the account i make. It helps you get a solid base to approach endgame content afterwards. The second thing i normally advice is to get each stat to atleast level 50. This also helps making the account better overal. After these things your account is set to become helpful on pvming trips. To Really start PvMing you need the following things: - 70 prayer (piety unlocked) - 80 attack, strength and defence - 80 magic and range What will help you making money: First of all i notice a slayer level of 71. Training the combat stats, which i listed above, by levelling slayer will get you to 75-80 at which point you will be able to kill Gargoyles. These are a good way of obtaining money. Second of all you could do some barrows runs (complete morytania hard diaries for efficient moneymaking). FOCUS on the barrows gloves and the 50+ base stats first. Then make sure to get that slayer level up to make some money. I hope this helps you out a bit!
  5. batfire

    Looks like a lot of fun, what will you guys do with your items? or make completely new accounts?
  6. batfire

  7. batfire

    meanwhile i am on 5 zenytes 3k kc
  8. batfire

    I just own a normal car. W209 CLK200. Only 20k miles tho. Second owner. Don't have any pics on my pc sadly.
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  10. batfire

    GRATZ! really deserved
  11. batfire

    Hello everyone, Since I posted my road to 100k blood's goal, i've gotten 5-6 request to make a Barrows guide. So this is what I will be doing down below. First of all, it's important to know that this guide assumes the player using it has atleast 50 magic 43 prayer and 40 defence. Setup: I will post 2 setups. - 1 bare minimum setup with the stats listed above. - My setup (Note that i am maxed, so I can get away with lower defence bonusses) Note that the first setup can be upgraded with things like Barrows equipment, swap msb (i) for blowpipe and iban's staff for trident. Now you got a vague idea, about which setup you can use, lets get into doing barrows. Step 1 use a Barrows teleport to get there first of all this is the layout of the Barrows brothers. I personally kill them in the order: 1. Dharok 2. Ahrim 3. Karil 4. Guthan 5. Torag 6. Verac why this order? well before I used to have enough prayer points to kill them all with prayer, i wanted to make sure i can pray against Dharok, Ahrim and Karil, since they did the most dmg to me. what u do is you just kill the brothers in this order and whenever u see theres a tunnel, you skip it and go back once you killed all other brothers. when u enter the tunnel u make sure to kill 3 skeletons (with meele or range) in addition to the 6 brothers to get maximum runes. After looting the chest you can teleport to your house (if you have an ornate pool) or to clan wars (duel ring) to get your stats back and tele back to Barrows. and repeat until rich What helps me getting 15 chests an hour is: - Spacing. Whenever I enter a grave I wake up the brother and walk back to the ladder (without losing hits), this results into not having to walk there after the brother falls. - Gear switching. I switch gear without losing any time by switching while walking. - Turning off prayer. I turn my prayer off after i clicked the ladder to not lose time on this. I hope this helps a bit, I sadly am not someone to go really in depth. If there are any questions, just ask me!
  12. batfire

    A high lvl always nice to see someone ready to pvm
  13. batfire

    nice, invest it wisely
  14. batfire

    nice man, i want that mage gear tho