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  1. Havent even played the new warhammer, the first felt kinda like a recycled attila with different map and skins lol.
  2. Hello mr engineering student, make that shit thick please. Like juicy. Meat potatoes. Good luck getting in though dude More in your app helps!
  3. Hahahahaha yes!!!! Wifey says Bert is the most handsome.
  4. Welcome and good luck, you should be lookign to message an app manager in discord 2 days after posting your app!
  5. Welcome dude, I also enjoy total war immensely. Good luck joining
  6. Hahaha, you still don't know me eh jared? I don't quest. Still no monkey madness done lol
  7. This video is intended as a recap for the PK trip on January 19th. Aimed to be fun and funny! It is largely a trial version and if not meant for use outside of the clan Looking for any feedback! Also looking for members who are willing able to help provide content and editing! In summary; 1) Do not share outside of WG (we can work as a group towards making real pk videos) 2) Trailing software 3) Edited by a nurse. 4) Shit clicks 5) Rag as all hell 6) Maybe a little NH 7) Tons of fun with the WG boys 8) I tried my best be gentle! FEEDBACK Leadership suggested focusing on Pker kills. I wholeheartedly agree with this. Jared suggested using a d scimmy over dagger, i don't have mm1 done lol.
  8. Welcome back
  9. Hi dude! Welcome! So many dutch members joining as of late, good luck with the application. Remember to to msg an app manager in discord 2 days after posting this. We use discord for both pvm and pvp.
  10. Hey dude and welcome to WG. What friend told you about WG?
  11. Looks like a welcome back
  12. Hi dewbies and welcome! I would consider adding more information about stuff like; time zone, hobbies and interests, family life, work. Anything to let us get a better impression of who you are dude! See you around cc!
  13. Umm??? WTF? Am i reading this correctly? Male nurse? Canada? @Thorgam *rubs eyes* I am A BScN, RN from Ontario Played competitive hockey and golf though, suck at basketball lol
  14. Hey Husky, I was allowed to join WG a couple months ago with extremely low stats. I wouldn't worry too much about your levels. Remember to message an admin in discord 48 hours after posting your app!
  15. Hey Kale look forward too seeing you in cc and pking with you!