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  1. oo we need more Brazilians
  2. He is named Sabre Wraith because he was the last of the Sabres. Couldn't tell you what his IGN was before.
  3. We have the x-leader of Sabre clan as our warlord. What more to say?
  4. Just started rewatching from season one. I enjoy a lot of the acting from characters like Ragnar and floki, the writing is a little meh and you can tell they are low budget season one. Will likely get to seasons 5 in a couple days lol
  5. lv 50 farming was easy with quest to 36-7ish then farming minigame Rc is fantastic with tears of gunthix, just found it this week
  6. Hey dude, welcome to WG! Make sure to get onto our discord ASAP! You should also be looking to message an app manager 2 days after this application! Edit; See you in WG cc
  8. pay the farmers? or just plant em and peace?
  9. Tricks? tips? I am a farming virgin, i just grinded tith to 50 yesterday.
  10. There is a direct correlation between genitalia size and post count.
  11. Okay ell, you and i need to sit down and talk skiling. I need some farming levels
  12. He has still been in cc as of late. I know there have been some issues contacting app managers the last couple days.
  13. They must have forgotten me.
  14. I like the curved and long bone update, otherwise, very minisule changes
  15. lol, hello ross