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  1. Hi dewbies and welcome! I would consider adding more information about stuff like; time zone, hobbies and interests, family life, work. Anything to let us get a better impression of who you are dude! See you around cc!
  2. Umm??? WTF? Am i reading this correctly? Male nurse? Canada? @Thorgam *rubs eyes* I am A BScN, RN from Ontario Played competitive hockey and golf though, suck at basketball lol
  3. Hey Husky, I was allowed to join WG a couple months ago with extremely low stats. I wouldn't worry too much about your levels. Remember to message an admin in discord 48 hours after posting your app!
  4. Hey Kale look forward too seeing you in cc and pking with you!
  5. Would have been pking against WG in 2009 (in f2p). Was usually pking with DI or VR back then. Retired with EOC
  6. Nice app! Good luck joining dude
  7. Good luck with your application! We have a really strong dutch community here. Geit, Batfire, Aaight and Lait are all from the netherlands if i stand correct. WE very likely have more than that. Do you plan on learning to pk as well?
  8. Working out your triceps actually make your arms look bigger Good luck with your application! I know a couple words of polish, but WG Zula (one of our greasier pkers) is fluent if i stand correct. He could be a good resource for you! Not a bad application, do you pk alot?
  9. Welcome and good luck with your app! The more information you put, the more likely the application will be successful
  10. Welcome doc! Hope you get in man, sorry for killing ya. I’ll see ya in discord!
  11. Welcome dude! Do you pk?
  12. Zula spartan and myself are all polish heritage. Kinda sick!
  13. Hey dude, and welcome
  14. Hi oogle welcome. Would be interested to hear that life story one day.