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  1. WG Fargorn

    I vote lohow should win cause he is doing it in the WILDERNESS like proper champ.
  2. WG Fargorn

    Not a cop. We can all appreciate the shift work mentality. We have quite a few professionals and people pursuing their masters. Been pking since RSC (15+ years) look forward to seeing you on the trips
  3. WG Fargorn

    Engineer. Ez in
  4. WG Fargorn

    Good luck!
  5. WG Fargorn

    Happy Birthday Young Lad.
  6. WG Fargorn

    Good luck Seems like a smart chill person in cc!
  7. WG Fargorn

  8. WG Fargorn

    oo finally. Welcome
  9. WG Fargorn

    Good luck Welcome
  10. WG Fargorn

    I certainly read this
  11. WG Fargorn

    Good app welcome
  12. WG Fargorn

    Is there anything this man can't do?!?! Miss you man.
  13. WG Fargorn

    Good luck with the app!
  14. WG Fargorn

    Welcome to the Family. Ez in.
  15. WG Fargorn

    Good luck with the application!