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  1. Does that mean you'll [k with us on your main?
  2. Eyyyyy welcome back.
  3. Holy fuck lol.
  4. Hey Ryan you seem like a good fit for wg. We have a group of players that hit revs and deep almost daily. Will see you in wg cc and discord.
  5. This guy farms.
  6. When you turn on the shower, only pussy comes out! I feel energized.
  7. Go Canada go!
  8. Hello and welcome
  9. Welcome to the clan dude we have a large group of players from the Netherlands!
  10. Bryan likes to pretend he is a guardian lol
  11. Okay it favors one side a bit more.
  12. lul.
  13. Yea its on some dumb island in the middle of the Atlantic...
  14. Minis' is my favorite so far, I need a rune boots stack, thanks for reminding me (Don't often rag range, never occurred to me) (This gear is mostly self found ie; pking with the greasers)
  16. Hello and welcome
  17. Hello and welcome Look forward to seeing you pk with us!
  18. Hello fellow canuck
  19. Welcome back lol
  20. As far as I am aware mojo and some extremely loyal clan members are mostly to thank for that
  21. Husky fuks. That is a beauty cash stack. The bank of somebody with a mind that is organised no doubt.
  22. The fuck?!?! The farming. You better be maxed combat with 70+ farming mr ell! lol
  23. oo we need more Brazilians
  24. He is named Sabre Wraith because he was the last of the Sabres. Couldn't tell you what his IGN was before.