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  1. Hi dude and welcome to WG
  2. Hey dude welcome and good luck joining!
  3. Good luck, gonna have to make it THICK.
  4. Welcome back
  5. Holy shit Vio, nice luck man!
  6. I feel like frozen is gazing into my soul! Those eyes! Whew! @Frozen_10
  7. Hey Amy! Welcome to the guardians!
  8. Welcome back brother
  9. I am super into asians. White Canadian, of polish and Irish decent
  10. Hey dude welcome
  11. Hello and welcome back
  12. There are some pretty dirty scenes in there. My favorite if the f2p war, likely against DS?
  13. How old is your son? Social worker? RN? nice too meet you
  14. Welcome and good luck joining!
  15. This guy!
  16. Jin dobre.
  17. I laughed IRL. Would love to have another blood thirsty greaser.
  18. I like this guy
  19. Hey russian, good to see ya, miss ya.
  20. Miniiiiii
  21. Welcome and GL!
  22. Welcome
  23. Welcome dude
  24. Good luck in your application sircix. Cool name btw.
  25. Welcome, gl joining!