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  1. Surprise mf! Cat
  2. yassss <3 nice one!
  3. Log out for an hour and go calm down. Practice your pray switching on something else first! (Even if it's one style. It gets you well prepared!) Think of what you are going to do with the healers, be it tank them, safespot them or whatever. You need to prioritise jad's attacks above everything else, or else you will die.
  4. is this you?
  5. I'd love to solo dks. Still haven't been yet Zulrah is very chill and still very good for gp/h. Raids are good fun too, very involving! Failing that, I still love demonic gorillas!
  6. Happy Birthday <3
  7. This is really good. I feel it's well deserved to send some of out it to an individual, plus to charities thats always good!
  8. Probably getting angry at FIFA on console.
  9. Ayy. Choco?
  10. Nope. Frozen up next
  11. nerds nice meme bro. Gl on the road to victory, you already are a champion
  12. Ones mans trash is another mans treasure. I enjoyed getting the questcape It goes to show that people moan about bankspace yet I have so much crap in there but still have bank space
  13. Nicely detailed! Now you all can power along in your quest for stats! (I am thinking of doing defense to 90, but might power slayer for it I'm in no rush)
  14. no balls. chuck photos of bank or gtfo Old topic, but I wanted to contribute.
  15. Won't be buying it. Irl means I have deteriorated in skill over the last 4 years (Div 1 & Regional qualifier in fifa 14) Plus spent way too much on fifa points (coins when they didnt crack down on it so much) which is a shame but it's for the best. But gl! I played the demo it was quite good!