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  1. Hey there! Good to see you on the boards u look like a cool guy! Hope to see you in the clan soon
  2. This man is insane.
  3. seems like a good guy! Welcome to me
  4. Congratz! 99 slayer, badass!
  5. Haha yea well, isnt that hard tbh... you just gotta do it... using void, blowpipe, trident, sara cape and an occult neck i wish!
  6. Hey guys! So... one week ago, Geitekaas made me go to Zulrah. Didn't really know if i could do it, but he told me to watch some videos and just go for it! I listened to Geitekaas and went for it! Watching vids.. died.. and died... and died again... and so on.. Watched some more vids, and boom! i knew it! Made myself a target of 100 Zulrah kills! one week later, we have this! And also made kinda bank! not bad! is it? Now getting to know him better, and go for 200 kills! Wish me luck and thanks Geitekaas!
  7. We will help you at any time welcome in clan and good to see ya here!
  8. Heya! i like the name, dogwithautism 😂 hope to see you in clan!
  9. Very, very, very nice!
  10. Hello there! Welcome to forums
  11. Cool! Nice to see you here if you ever change your mind about joining, you are very welcome
  12. Welcome !
  13. Sweeeet! gzzz
  14. haha welcome bitch! finally!
  15. Feel like my next skill will be hunter. Would you guys suggest to make it quick, or make some money with it? idk about it yet, wanna do construction after hunter.. is it smart to go chins at 63?