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  1. We will help you at any time welcome in clan and good to see ya here!
  2. Heya! i like the name, dogwithautism 😂 hope to see you in clan!
  3. Very, very, very nice!
  4. Hello there! Welcome to forums
  5. Cool! Nice to see you here if you ever change your mind about joining, you are very welcome
  6. Welcome !
  7. Sweeeet! gzzz
  8. haha welcome bitch! finally!
  9. Feel like my next skill will be hunter. Would you guys suggest to make it quick, or make some money with it? idk about it yet, wanna do construction after hunter.. is it smart to go chins at 63?
  10. Gratzzzz
  11. Cool to see ya here! Welcome!
  12. That one day doing slayer at kurasks will change your idea of being in a clan! Welcome
  13. Sweet! hope you will be accepted, at east u already joined a bandos event! Would like to do more events with ya, got my support!
  14. Cool! got the quest cape last week goal now is base 70, after that all hard diaries! Following you
  15. Feel like there will be a sara event soon Thnx for the comments! but.. what skills do make money below level 70..? Might be usefull information for others too