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  1. frateral1085

    Man im all for ya coming back into the fold, i very much believe in second chances. would you seek another leadership position in the clan knowing how the last one you held ended up causing a bit of drama? i vote yes on you coming back though. : )
  2. frateral1085

    i like it man, looks good. thanks for adding an occult for me :-)
  3. frateral1085

    I think bang is a pretty good dude. I’m all for letting him get his wg on
  4. frateral1085

    Welcome to our merry band of misfits
  5. frateral1085

    Halloween is xp loss
  6. frateral1085

    lol excellent
  7. frateral1085

    Hey guys just thought it would be interesting to see everyone's Halloween shenanigans, feel free to post!
  8. frateral1085

    The magicians series is pretty good if you liked Harry Potter.
  9. frateral1085

    Welcome to our merry band of misfits
  10. frateral1085

    I run a rice,soybeans,and beef production farm with my family
  11. frateral1085

    Need to watch deathnote, you'd probably like any of the gundam stuff (Ide start with seed) um rwby is pretty good and has interesting animation style
  12. frateral1085

    That stinks, the haveibeenpwned site is pretty good it will even notify you if your email ends up on a hack site in the future
  13. frateral1085

    Haha thanks glad to be here
  14. frateral1085

    frateral1085 What is your current RS name? frateral1085 List any previous RS names: fatdude68 nunkiller69 siosa My stats: http://sigs.vksoft.eu/oldschool/blue/no/frateral1085.png Tell us about your RuneScape account and history. I started playing ran out a month before jagex updated from the old 2d sprites. this account is a new one combat lvl: 69 Getting up to pvp specs as quickly as my schedule allows I enjoy skilling, flipping ge items, pvm (although not there yet on this account) my name is an old gamer tag that I've used for years it was supposed to say fraternal but I messed it up years ago and never fixed it :) i think I would enjoy pvp but I've never made a pure nor do I intend to on this account. I plan on spending my time trying to skill my account past what my old main was at and I want to start bossing before the end of December. Tell us about your clan history. I quit rs the first time shortly after gwd came out. It's been so many years since then I can't remember much of my clan history. I was never in any of the huge clans anyway, I was for a short time a member of a merching clan but left after I got burned by their scams. Tell us about your yourself. I live in Arkansas, USA I attend college to be an agriculture teacher at the high school and then college level. My family and I run our own farm and during the summer months my runescape time will suffer a bit because of that. I enjoy all forms of being in the outdoors including hunting/fishing. Reading is my first love and I will let other aspects of my life suffer in order to make time for it. One odd talent of mine is I can play the trombone How did you hear about us? I posted on the 07scape Reddit and mojo added me in game What makes you want to join us? I like how seriously you take this, it's obvious from the amount of work you've put into your site that this is a good clan to be in. I like how helpful everyone has been in the clan char thus far and would like to contribute Do you agree to the rules and requirements of WG and understand that this is an honour clan? Yes Come clean about anything that may deter us from accepting you: All in all I'm a pretty clean player the only thing I've ever done against runescape tos is I purchased gold and a few items from a 3rd party site before not on this account (this was like 2005)