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  1. El Marijuano

    I love seeing posts like this. keep us updated bro
  2. El Marijuano

    Its amazing that theyre able to do it on a mobile phone but I dont do anything too intensive on it. mainly just check my flips in ge, or farm runs and stuff. Dont use it nearly as much as i thought i would. I think this is partly because runescape isnt like most mobile games where you only get on for a little while just to pass a little time. If i need to do anything more in-depth then i just get on my computer.
  3. El Marijuano

    Gratz man! The first one always feels great.
  4. El Marijuano

    Damn whos from Antarctica? What time zone is that lol?
  5. El Marijuano

    My humble tab. didnt even have a pk tab a month ago lol
  6. El Marijuano

    Damn havent heard of those clans in ages. Gl joining brotha
  7. El Marijuano

    Welcome to the forums John! Gl joining bro
  8. El Marijuano

    Welcome Mark! Gl joining sir
  9. El Marijuano

    Welcome Steven:)
  10. El Marijuano

    Welcome to the forums. Hope to see you at events soon
  11. El Marijuano

    Welcome and gl joining
  12. El Marijuano

    Welcome bailey:)
  13. El Marijuano

    Welcome shaun
  14. El Marijuano

    Hello and welcome
  15. El Marijuano

    congrats man. checked my first account rn and itll be 6000 days old in 2 days lol