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  1. Tnx Obama

    NEXT Adult Cat
  2. Tnx Obama

    I choose C as well
  3. Tnx Obama

    Are there only two choices?
  4. Tnx Obama

  5. Tnx Obama

    Welcome, looks like we need to move it up 5 spots
  6. Tnx Obama

    Apple iOS just opened, it has limited spots, so sign up now. For the rest of us in the android masterrace, continue as usual...
  7. Tnx Obama

    Married for 2, been with her for 8. Just had a baby recently. All is going pretty well on the northern front
  8. Tnx Obama

    very nice, how many wines did you make?
  9. Tnx Obama

    May want to put in a little more effort on the app. Good luck though.
  10. Tnx Obama

    Event or grindfest? lol
  11. Tnx Obama

  12. Tnx Obama

    Welcome back to the cool kids club
  13. Tnx Obama

    Welcome and good luck!
  14. Tnx Obama

  15. Tnx Obama

    My man, welcome!