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  1. Welcome.
  2. You're in a PVP can, join a few pvp events and you'll get the swing of it. Pure is also good for learning PVP imo.
  3. Make a pure or ironmeme
  4. That is a nice achievement Mojo, you should be very proud of yourself.
  5. Hey

    I was already scouting when you where still in tutorial island, kids Also: it is CHOCOLATE milk
  6. No luck for me
  7. Don't care that much about it, only pay for membs with bonds also, half of reddit on suicide watch
  8. Gratz Grumpy :D!
  9. My plan was the same, now I'm 99 slayer and only 97 melees :')
  10. Hey

    This man now plays the sims 4 instead of pking with us.
  11. Welcome, best of luck
  12. Welcome to our forums, you're app is a little bit short tho.
  13. Nice gains, gonna go for 85 slayer?
  14. Welcome to our forums, Jake! Nice app too
  15. Hey glad you're applying Kale, you've been in our CC for a while now