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  1. Where did Jagex (or any Jmod) said it was Jed?
  2. Lait Choco

    Heey welkom
  3. " Previously, when players on a non-members’ world tried to interact with members’ content, the messages they were given tended to be inconsistent and unhelpful. New players would find themselves instructed to use a members’ server, without anything to explain what those are, where to find them and how to get membership. We’ve replaced most of those generic messages with more informative and helpful prompts and an interface describing the benefits of membership. " Nice lure jagex
  4. Lait Choco

    ayy enjoy your birthday Batfire!
  5. Losing my mithril + a few addy (!!!) items to a highschool classmate a long time ago during a fight in the wildy. Fucker bullied me for weeks
  6. Lait Choco

    that's why I quited, could go bot without any consequences and anyone finding out until now. You exposed me Thanks all
  7. Lait Choco

    Unreal tournament '98 and 2004 COD 1 and 2 Rome: Total war
  8. Lait Choco

    If my boy Slayermusiq1 goes home empty handed I will be seriously disappointed in the community and Jagex. Insert other media
  9. Lait Choco

  10. Lait Choco

    Bet you don't got any in your bank yourself
  11. Lait Choco

    In what regio are you deployed? Anyway don't got anything original besides "The Big Bad Boy."
  12. Lait Choco

    On my pure for once. Got myself that sweet 99 range. Now gotta try the firecape since I got no excuse left now :')
  13. Lait Choco

    West Virginia, truly almost heaven! Welcome friend
  14. Lait Choco

    Welcome Nick