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  1. Lait Choco

    inb4 Putin poisons your squad.
  2. Lait Choco

    So after almost a draw against Tunisia and a win over the mighty football country named Panama it is coming home? Let's see if you can defeat Belgium, a non country btw, with a good game. Was a good game tho, should've been 7-1 for the lulz
  3. Lait Choco

    yes sir Suffud?
  4. Lait Choco

    Yea was using Vios theme but I'll just use another 😛
  5. Lait Choco

    It shows all the search options on every page without clicking on it.
  6. Lait Choco

    After a glorious 5-2 victory, Lukaku ties with Ronaldo! Both have 4 goals.
  7. Lait Choco

    I hope so, a win and we're sure of the next round. Also, this fan is spitting at a) messi and the lads, b) Sampaoli or c) a chance at the next round? Twitter is blowing up in Argentina holy fuck. "....That plays like david guetta and his four neighborhood friends..." hahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahaahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah "...who buys his clothes at the playmobil section at amazon..." :""""""""""""""""""""DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD Yes, it's a great WC so far.
  8. Lait Choco

    Missed a lot of great chances tbh. First match on a WC is always nervous for players I guess? Could say the same about Belgium. Anyways, Ronaldo carrying his team to another (cheeky) victory and Pepe being Pepe TSUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU
  9. Lait Choco

    Welcome back! Hope you enjoyed your break
  10. Lait Choco

    Hey there Jonas! Well written app
  11. Lait Choco

    Well that backfired for Germany and even Brazil is playing shit. Who would've thought that Neymar played this bad? Seems like playing a season against FC baguette and croissant ain't gonna improve your skills. Oh we also play our first game today!
  12. Lait Choco

    Where did you go in Bulgaria @AAIGHT
  13. Lait Choco

    Hey there Woolley! Nice app
  14. Lait Choco

  15. Lait Choco

    Hey and welcome to our forums! Your app is too short, take a look at other (accepted) apps for some examples