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  1. Welcome Husky! Always nice to have someone from Iceland here in WG
  2. Welcome Rich! I'm pretty interested in that picture of his lordship tho
  3. Petscape 8D
  4. Glad you applied best of luck
  5. Welcome aboard!
  6. Welcome to our forums Alm!
  7. A very nice app you got there, welcome!
  8. Welkom!
  9. Welcome aboard! Very nice app and don't worry about friends.When I started I had also 0 friends, nowadays it is filled with lovely WG members
  10. Welcome home!
  11. Best of luck! When you're around cmb 70 let me know so we can PK together
  12. Welcome back.
  13. Hey and welcome Martin!
  14. Hey and welcome Oogle! I can't imagine being homeless, I'm legit happy for you
  15. Welcome Back Adam!