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  1. Lait Choco

    Who hurt you?
  2. Lait Choco

    Yea cuz we don't got no yuros and our players are stars in your league
  3. Lait Choco

  4. Lait Choco

    Welcome Kyle
  5. Lait Choco

  6. Lait Choco

    Welcome to our forums
  7. Lait Choco

    Now it's back to pathetic club football for a while
  8. Lait Choco

    Yea was a good game, should watch extended highlights. Last half england was playing pretty good tbh oh yea it will come home in '22
  9. Lait Choco

    Congratz dude!
  10. Lait Choco

    Belgium got their best place ever, 3rd! Could've been more but who cares? Defeated England twice, exposed Brazil and showed some good footie. 10/10
  11. Lait Choco

    Today is the day! Clash between two good allies so should be an entertaining friendly with proper banter from both sides. At stake? The bronze medal of the meme cup 2018. (nb: Belgium never got past 4th, except a golden medal 1920 Olympics) Last time we defeated the English with a 1-0, granting England the "easy" bracket only to let it slip agains Croatia after a series of dull matches. Yeez, who would've thought that?! Meanwhile Belgium did a "Miracle of Rostov" against Japan and defeated Brazil in a thriller of a match. Only the French were too strong, putain. Will they come home with absolutely nothing? Will the might or the three lions prove to much for the Belgian devils? Will based Adnan give us another goal and get his redemption? Better fix it in 90" cuz I've gotta work
  12. Lait Choco

    Now this is some classical Jagex! Reminds me of the archers (?) ring crash because they refunded a person but gave him max amount of archer rings instead of just one lmao. As Mojo said, how did this pass quality testing? Mhhhhh.... Now this will continue to cause some uproar. What about people who received a rare drop 20 mins before the update? What if you got some mills from someone who had max cash and bought bonds with it and redeemed them? I know I'll be very cautious if I received a few hundred mills from a random but there gotta be people who really didn't know. Will they be banned or not? What about pets? Imagine getting the farming pet only to see it removed?
  13. Lait Choco

    Friete me stoofvlees en mayonnaise
  14. Lait Choco

    heey welkom
  15. Lait Choco

    Gambling is bad, hopefully you don't get addicted to the sand casino