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  1. Thanks Corb! I liked this comp and I am glad you changed it so that the teams were randomized, made it more fun + I got to meet new members and bond with them. @Metal [email protected] - it was a pleasure spending the last two weeks with you guys and hope this is just the start of a lovely journey . @frankanator2 and @Hathor666, you guys were awesome competition and were really hard to keep up with despite being only 2 members most of the time. We struggled to find the time during the week around our jobs lol and had to put our best foot forward. The comp would have been boring without you guys, so thanks and good game
  2. Yo Corb - I heard you like your spreadsheets so I made a little table for you - it must be hard work adding up all these drops 'n stuff everyday, so I tried to make it easy for you but only the drops in this reply/post - I've summed up below, feel free to check it over:
  3. Lmfao - accurate picture is accurate Hey Saad! It's good to hear you're well. It was nice catching up with you the other day. Hope to see you again soon. I'm sure we've had plenty of fun times on mIRC lol, if only I had saved all the logs I had.
  4. Hey Kero! WG's best FTP member and pretty much FTP champion - I really enjoyed FTP wars where things were a lot simpler and then all of our members, including you joined us too Holy crap, I remember those old WG forums, engraved into my brain lol. Yayyy I'm on one of the screenshots! Gosh look at those old names, Back to Own!! Bambaleo, Arsenalfan32. I'm trippin' here - This is too much stimulation Leecable too, Ansatsublade, Angus, Aardvark ah shit the list could go on and that's just the A's and the B's lmao. It's good to see you again old friend. Please join WG so we can have some more wholesome moments together
  5. DEEEZEEEEEE WG - FALL IN You and Snowzak will always be one of the safest people to fall in to. I've always felt comforted by your presence . I hope you play again and we can relive some our best moments.
  6. Hey Steve, Although I didn't get to catch up with you properly, it was fun talking to you and reminsicing about the time we went to Runefest. I also remember the first IRL meeting you went to and that they called an ambulance for you, although I wasn't there, reading about it on the forums, I felt like I was there! I'm glad to hear you're well now Steve. I hope to catch you on OSRS sometime. Maybe Bandos again? I also remember one bit from another IRL meet video that still makes me chuckle to this day. I think it was when you stayed at some random hut without electricity in the countryside somewhere. You guys were just waking up and someone said "Turn off that damn light" and you responded with "that light is THE SUN" LOL still cracks me up today.
  7. Hey Gene man, it's been a long time. As soon as I returned to OSRS, I looked you up on the hiscores and noticed you seemed to have played quite a bit. I quickly learned that it probably wasn't you training your account lol and felt a little sad only remnants of old WG existed. Nevertheless I held my head up high and embraced all the new members of WG. Over the past few weeks, old faces keep showing up and seems to have culminated with you and a few other OGs. I am really looking forward to catching up some more with you and my old friends, as well as building new relationships! I've been playing for about 2 months now (still a noob) and OSRS has so much to offer, please stick around for a bit
  8. Abs

    [Accepted] Groedius

    Welcome back Andrew, it's good to see you again old friend.
  9. raining bandos boots up in here
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