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  1. Love the name. I am a die hard Laker fan and even bigger Kobe fan living in LA. You're a chef too which is awesome! Most of my jobs were in restaurants before my current job. Hope to see you around man and good luck!
  2. Welcome man! Baits probably linked up with you asking you for some fishing bait huh?! I'm in the juris and law enforcement field of study as well. Maybe we can link up some time. Enjoy your stay and good luck on your app!
  3. Dang 200m dungeoneering exp. I quit before that skill got introduced. You gave me some fomo! Good luck on your app, hope to see you around.
  4. Good stuff Valaias. I'm super excited @Yasticaki suggested you posted an intro! He helped me out recently with some Runescape knowledge as well. It's only been a few days and it seemed like you've really settled into the CC! It only seemed like a couple days ago (which it was) when you told me you usually wing it solo when it came to RS. Fret no more as we got you fam.
  5. Hey man! Hope you are doing well. I'm actually an ex drug addict as well. I worked in the restaurant industry since 16 years old and when I moved to Los Angeles, I got into it through mingling with the "the wrong crowd." Just know that it's really awesome that you're admitting your faults. This means that you understand that you shouldn't be doing it. Some people don't get to that step, they think they're indestructible. What helped me get through my addiction was understanding that I wanted to live a life that inspired others and feel genuinely proud of who I am. Sobriety is very tough, you will always be a recovering addict but it is one day at a time. However do your part in knowing that there is always a way out and to remove yourself from temptations and triggers that might make you do it. I have been sober for a long time now and due to my experience with drug abuse, I thought I could relate to the public on an empathetic level when it came to illegal drug use. I went into law enforcement and got put into the Vice division helping with abusers. I totally get it because I have been there! Please reach out to me if you ever need someone to talk to. We're all family.
  6. I think they're working super slow on tackling the progress of PvP due to how Jagex lost a huge amount of their player base when EOC came out. I hope they listen to the community well and run a lot of betas before they commit to a change.
  7. Hey man! Good luck on your application. We're pretty much family since I'm in law enforcement. Hope to see you soon!
  8. Thank you guys I reached 100 cb as of now as well!
  9. Please join our Discord server and read the #joining_wg channel to see the final step in the process. TheVaccine What is your current RS name? TheVaccine List any previous RS names: Dominator194 N01eader Fyrejinkz What is your total level and combat level? Combat: 99.175 Total Level: 1300 Made this account 2 and half weeks ago! Tell us about your RuneScape account and history. TheVaccine was made two and half weeks ago. First time on OSRS. I have been playing since the start of RS2. I stopped playing around 2008ish I believe when I got hacked pretty badly. Covid-19 got me on that nostalgia trend. On my main, Dominator194: I was ranked 1 in both Firemaking and Wodocutting for two years straight back in 2005-2007 as a F2P. Cutting willows and burning them almost daily. Tell us about your clan history. Only joined one clan while in my history of playing. Darkblood Clan was based on world 30. We have a couple of YouTube videos back in 2005 or something. I'm pretty loyal when it comes to clans and helping out others. I still talk to my fellow Darkblood clan members, they don't play anymore but we've all connect over Facebook. Tell us about your yourself. I'm a police officer 2 around the Los Angeles area. I worked in restaurant management for much of my career but wanted to venture out to not helping just guests of a restaurant but more for my community. I'm currently pretty new as an officer as I want to strive for being in SWAT one day. My hobbies are Crossfit, eating, and board games with friends. How did you hear about us? Forums in RS What makes you want to join us? I have been in your clan chat for about the existence of this OSRS account and everyone has been heartwarming and supportive with any questions I have since so much has been added. Do you agree to the rules and requirements of WG and understand that this is an honour clan? Yes Come clean about anything that may deter us from accepting you: Nothing that I know of.
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