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  1. Yesterday there was a little bit of peanut on GurtJun's Elbow and what did he do? He called his fingertips to fight the evil overlords of Glocks Sponsor
  2. My 13 years old me would be so proud.
  3. To start this week with the right foot, my 99 prayer achievement; Thanks everyone!
  4. Still waiting for their answer, if they don't call me untill monday I might start looking for other opportunities.
  5. I usually don't have that short hair but that's me actualy Without haircut and instagram effect
  6. I've been into surfing for 2 years now and just started BJJ( Brazillian Jiu-Jitsu).
  7. This was one of the first posts I've read on the forums because I know how hard it is to quit smoking, I'm on my 3rd day without nicotine and moving forward. Today I made a 20 min run on the beach and 15 min swimming, also did some push-up's at home.
  8. Awesome! I know a reggae version of that second song
  9. Don't forget that you're also interviewing them. "What opportunities are there for progression?" "Have you enjoyed your time with the company and what would be your standout moment here?" "What is the work ethic of the team I'll be working with and the company as a whole?" I really appreciate your tips! I've never used that kind of approaching during an interview and it sounds very different and unique to ask questions like that, I'm gonna make sure to remember it. Thank you!
  10. Post musics you listen to, you feel something good but you don't know exactly what the singer is saying. I start with these
  11. I love coffee, the only way to not get addicted to coffee or soda is doing periodic times without them.
  12. Hello everyone, after 1 year and a half without a job I've finally managed to get an interview, feel free to post hints or just give encouragement for me or anyone on the thread.
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