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  1. PVM is easy bro. Just slap on the appropriate protection prayer, put auto retaliate on, and go afk for 5 mins. Come back to a couple mill in loot.
  2. Big Britters

    share i tb'd
  3. Big Britters

    Gz fam
  4. Big Britters

    Sick rsn, gl
  5. Big Britters

    Big gz. But seeing as you own an ags, lets put it to good use eh @AAIGHT?
  6. Big Britters

    Voted 77rc for BIS frem boots 4, but woulda chosen quest cape if it were an option.
  7. Big Britters

    Yea boiii. Good to see you finally posted an application!
  8. Big Britters

    Almost 2k total, sick gains. Bro, we gotta teach you venge pking or something, so you have some fun pvp to do when wg isn't out. If you keep this up you'll have a max cape before long lol
  9. Big Britters

    If u go pvm directly after dying a pvp death you should be fine yea. I always hop worlds just to be safe though
  10. Big Britters

    That was a pvp death. A player did damage to you a while ago and you never logged out to reset that pvp damage. Doesn't matter if you left the wildy 4 hours ago - if a player damaged you in the same login session, you can get a pvp death.
  11. Big Britters

    Holy shit nice getup!!
  12. Big Britters

    Nice! Untrimmed prayer looks sweet
  13. Big Britters

    4v1 lmao, absolute hero. Sick vid
  14. Big Britters

    They said they're gonna rebalance some of the lower tier mage armours with that new skill. Let's hope it can make double black d'hides less op at rev caves