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  1. Hi vio
  2. There's an understatement. Gl my dude
  3. Oh no, what have we become?!
  4. Hi Lohowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!
  5. Not sure if we should take offence Gl with the app
  6. Welcome, I'm also Brit living in the US! Small world huh
  7. Still rooting for Stannis Baratheon the one true King!
  8. I'm called Coins. Also, my alts are 'Twisted Bow', 'Scythe of Vitur', and 'Ghrazi Rapier' Thanks.
  9. Please do (fruit) tree runs along side your other goals. Grinding out tithe farm would be beyond aids if doing 99 all in one go. Voting for construction though.
  10. Yo, valuable addition to the 2k world pking unit!
  11. What kinda pking do you want to do when the acc is finished? I'm sure you've heard this already but 70 def not 45 def is meta right now
  12. Our pk trips are super noob friendly so I'm sure you'll be absolutely fine. Just don't treat it like a PVM style risk-free guaranteed-profit cash IV drip.
  13. PVM is easy bro. Just slap on the appropriate protection prayer, put auto retaliate on, and go afk for 5 mins. Come back to a couple mill in loot.
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