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  1. I don't remember how many deaths but judging from the points i'd say at least 4 LOL
  2. Easy, it only took me 3 months for a fishing level
  3. Jason

    [Accepted] Moxeee

    Who are you again?
  4. It took me almost 2 months for this level...
  5. Jason


    Tell your cat to stay strong. Addiction is a vicious cycle of cravings and withdrawals. Quitting is hard, but its much harder to do alone. Definitely speak with a professional if you're not already doing so. Goodluck and I hope to see you and your cat back on your feet soon
  6. Jason

    [Declined] Fenix_cL

    Welcome, I used to be in Envy too
  7. Jason

    [Accepted] V8 G8

    Welcome back. Infernal cape or you can’t graduate btw
  8. Jason

    Adult Cat

    what up my american friend
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