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Real life balance + rejoining?


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I'm still a member on this forum but not in the CC/discord anymore so I had to use this thread haha.



Kratjeuh is back for now. I quitted runescape in april 2021 because I was basically just a robot who worked a 9-5 and played osrs all the time. I took a look at my life and wasn't happy with how things were standing. At that time I was 100% addicted to video games and my only option to get my life together was to stop playing entirely. 


A quick summary of what has happened between 2021 and now

I gained 9-10 kg in muscles and been going to the gym 4-5x a week

Increased income from coaching

Made some nice appereance gains

Social life is back on track

... And much more


I'm at a point now where I feel like I can get back to playing the game I love without falling back to the pit that I was in a couple years ago. 


I've debated but ultimately decided to start this game again on a fresh account. I don't get much joy from gaining 82-83 wc on my old main (with wiped bank rip) but I feel like I can enjoy this game with moderate time spent on a new character and experiencing it all over again with some more knowledge this time.


If i decide to join again, I want 1 thing from you guys besided the social and PVM aspect. I want you to keep me accountable and not relapse into the epic grinder that I was


Sure I'll probably reach a state where I can pvm and maybe raid a bit with you guys pretty quickly but from now on the game will never be a priority again.


Btw my main still has 8 days of membership on it, chat me on discord and I'll scale your raid :)

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