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Wilderness Guardians

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ITT: We catalogue the kinds of people you see in the rev caves.




The SOG skulled rev PvMer. Often switches shield for zammy book. This is the most common ant you'll find in the rev caves. They like to group up and take over a world for themselves but are very easy to exterminate. Watch out one of them on their own, sometimes they hide an AGS in their back pocket.



The craw's bow PvMer. These spicy loot pinatas are at the top of the food chain for us. They are the most effective killers of the revenants so they usually have the most drops on them. The good ones sit south and max out their magic defense so they can teleport quickly on sight. They often bring gamer shields and have the agility for the gap so they can be quite slippery. If they are Venezuelan they are probably a manager of one of the large gold farming facilities. It is okay to be jealous of their agility level.



This is a boring blowpipe bot. They are pretty easy to kill but watch out for their venom! If they start attacking you use a wall for cover if you don't have anti-venom or Sh00ter isn't on your trip. They occasionally have bulwarks to protect their 150k loot but often can't eat quick enough to be able to tank.




The skulled rev macer. Sometimes brings crystal shield and dhide legs too. The overconfident ones bring proselyte. These guys often are north by the dragon for some reason. This is totally me when I'm rev PvMin'. If any PvMer in the cave is American it's this one. Smites up on these idiots.




The salad warrior. These cuties are easy KOs; they know how to eat but lack the defense to do so. Don't be afraid of teams full of them. Most of us came from this so respect it. At least they bring mage for their team :). They usually have tribrid but also lack coordination within their teams.



The ballista bot. Usually in large teams and log in on a DD somewhere around the tele-line. Pray range immediately. Very easy to get barrage piles on these pinatas. If there are no barrage piles take out their mages first. Praying range and being out of robes is a huge advantage against these dudes. A tribrid team can take down ballista teams quite a bit larger than them if they're ready.


The toxic ragger. These annoying motherfuckers have one goal - to annoy you. They will venom you if you don't take them out quickly but they usually have packs of other raggers with them also being annoying. Them and their dirty rat raggers will return quickly in their worthless brainlet setups. Clear them once and get out. The most valuable loot from them is their public chats.



dongplay. This cutie gets smited 100% of the time according to our data. Doesn't even bring a glory but TBs for his team so mad respect.


The serious PKer. Their scary helm makes them appear like they mean business. They will often be really good tanks if you don't blam them in robes. They often risk 1m+ but will put up a very good fight.

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Chadly "Chad" Tankington


Will continuously talk shit to you while tanking your team. Afterwards he'll pull your IP address, slide in your moms DM's and take her to pound town. 9 months later, you'll have a new step brother and you'll be calling him daddy.

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