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Struggles of late - Why i've been gone

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As many of you know, I resigned as officer a bit back and have been pretty inactive. Depression is a bitch and Covid hasn't helped. Was supposed to go to europe, start having kids, blah blah blah. I needed to re-find myself and i have. I started hiking/ fly-fishing again almost every weekend and it's helped. My advice for anyone who is going through shit, get outdoors (obviously responsibly away from other people) and enjoy nature.



Shameless plug of my new blog :)


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I'm glad you've taken the signs seriously and have started taking action to counter the depression. 
Fishing is a great option for that. :) 

Take is slow and look for the small things that makes a good day. Be it moving the morning cup of coffee to a stump in the garden, the sound of running water, the birds chirping or the soothing feeling of throwing the fly fishing rod back and forth. 

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