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  1. welcome
  2. welcome! merp merp merp
  3. ensouled
  4. Hey can we get a new skill competition?


  5. welcome to our ranks!
  6. #4

    congrats my friend
  7. never played but might give it a try
  8. welcome dude
  9. I am Jealous
  10. I have a leased honda civic from 2015 lol
  11. Nice. I am just trying to pass my dang pharmacology class in nursing school. then it will be all good in the hood. 3-day work weeks with 4 days off. I can't wait to scape lol
  12. welcome
  13. Er mer gerd im #32 lol
  14. I want to cry. I wish I had that level. I wish I get mobile ASAP so I can fish while listening to my teachers or while im at my desk at work.
  15. I hope everyone that joins stays and gets others to join! this clan is super fun.