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  1. Sometimes, it is important to get away from home, unplug, and see the world around us. What noteworthy places have you been? I've been to the grand canyon, jamaica, and the florida keys. But one of the coolest places in my opinion is minister creek in the Allegheny national forest.
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    Crazy what those people were able to get done under such pressure.
  5. Wagered

    Only accepting you if you wear a fez hat on every pk trip. welcome
  6. Wagered

    gz. 60+ stats for me still no pet of any kind
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    I've seen people play it, but its too weeb for me. but really do you wanna see my katana and jap body pillow collection? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
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    lmao... Nanometers? jk.
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    nice change for the morytania legs.. might actually use them now for barrows since the right click.
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    animal abuse.
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    Iceland baby. WOOOOOOO000000000
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    yes it is active!
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    Welcome mate