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  1. Mushroom

    welcome back!
  2. Mushroom

    WELCOME! CHECk out other join topics see what u could do better
  3. Mushroom

    not sorry we pked you! welcome !
  4. Mushroom

    welcome back! goodluck
  5. Mushroom

  6. Mushroom

    bro, do you even lift? : ) WELCOME
  7. Mushroom

  8. Mushroom

    hello and welcome back!
  9. Mushroom

    welcome! if you are accepted you can also apply to FREEZE UNIT, SPEAR UNIT and TB UNIT after
  10. Mushroom

    nice vid lol
  11. Mushroom

    how have i just seen this post now?
  12. Mushroom

    welcome !!!
  13. Mushroom

  14. Mushroom

    cheers everyone
  15. Mushroom

    yoyo , im back... finally done with university! expect more pk trips, more raids, more pvm trips and videos etc..!!! lets promote the clan to recruit more members ! (also more-so now that os mobile is out) lets go