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  1. Mini Horse

    I have now restarted this goal current bank tab for barrows Chest done-3 charges used-89 items got karil skirt, verac skirt
  2. Mini Horse

    welcome tree man ima need that tree rent now
  3. Mini Horse

    yayaya batfire is back
  4. Mini Horse

    they hackeed his acc and did some rune mining
  5. Mini Horse

    Grate I believe you are first in the clan with it
  6. Mini Horse

    Grats vio
  7. Mini Horse

    Was bored so i went to solo corp thought about camping until pet got this on 2nd solo kill
  8. Mini Horse

    Welcome back you ready to get some lewties in no time
  9. Mini Horse

    Dont like airsoft but i play paintball.
  10. Mini Horse

    welcome we found her during the event today
  11. Mini Horse

    grats on sub 30
  12. Mini Horse

    Welcome to to the clan
  13. Mini Horse

    Update 4/26/18 Total Chest Done-200 Charges Used - 7743 Total Elite Clues- 7
  14. Mini Horse

    I thought i would start a lil thread so the newer members can see what we do to set up our pk tabs.
  15. But what about the guy that lost his squirrel pet to a maze random like 6 months ago they told him to kick rocks.