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  1. N3WB


    good luck on rejoining, and welcome again,. hope to see you ingame soon
  2. N3WB

    Jar Jair

    goodluck on your application, and welcome
  3. gratz, sry didnt have congrats on 99 spam ready :<
  4. good luck with yer application
  5. nois, i personally never farmed for it, even back in teh day
  6. N3WB

    [Accepted] kratjeuh

    good luck on yer application crate.
  7. welcome, and good luck on you application.
  8. ye played it a bit, if u play it in 4 man squads, it can get very interesting if u see other ships
  9. N3WB

    [Accepted] weaknd

    GL on yer app,:D
  10. N3WB

    [Declined] Imhcimbtww

    good luck on yer application.
  11. good luck with yer application bud.
  12. Welcome bud good luck with yer application
  13. Decent guide didnt follow it, hate questing so didnt go for mace
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