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  1. N3WB

    [Accepted] Hecs

    good luck on app bud.
  2. N3WB

    [Accepted] Twinships

    good luck on rejoining, and welcome again,. hope to see you ingame soon
  3. N3WB

    [Accepted] Jar Jair

    goodluck on your application, and welcome
  4. gratz, sry didnt have congrats on 99 spam ready :<
  5. good luck with yer application
  6. nois, i personally never farmed for it, even back in teh day
  7. N3WB

    [Accepted] kratjeuh

    good luck on yer application crate.
  8. welcome, and good luck on you application.
  9. ye played it a bit, if u play it in 4 man squads, it can get very interesting if u see other ships
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