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  1. Casey

    [Accepted] LSswap

    Welcome back!!
  2. As a person with borderline personality disorder with a comorbid addiction, I find it so important that mental health and mental illness are brought into the front line much more than they currently are. We need to be talking about these things, lest they continue to be stigmatized and leave individuals to suffer in silence.
  3. (((MY CAT MEANS I'M NOT SAYING I NECESSARILY DID THESE THINGS.))) Hi WG, I am sharing my cat's story with you guys because I want to share his struggles (and his many absences from Clan events) with you. To check in on your family and friends often is necessary. Too many people suffer in silence. My cat went from being an almost 4.0 student with a pretty good job to living off government assistance. Everyone was shocked. My cat wasn't. He knew full well he was ruining himself. For the past two-ish months my cat has been doing nothing but breathing oxygen and shooting/boofing/smoking crystal meth. My cat got fired from his job. My cat has nothing to finance my student loans and will default soon. His family doesn't speak to him much anymore. Trolls hacked into all of my cat's banking/social media, so he had to deal with that. My cat's been been robbed at knifepoint while making a deal. My cat just gets high and everything is the way it should be... though I know that's wrong. And he's blowing away what little money I have. My cat may have about two weeks clean, though it's the hardest and best two weeks my cat's had in a while. Thanks for listening. Don't judge addicts. We're sick people trying our best to find a remedy. When the I in the word "Illness" is changed to "we," it becomes wellness. Be kind to people. Don't vilify addicts. You're all too good to have your humanity machine break. Love you all. -lvl 99 gay, casey, and/or manic pixie dream boy
  4. Preventive social worker/case manager for marginalized folks.I make sure kids are safe, and I have to determine is foster care is best for them (the answer is always no).
  5. Thanks so much for Member of the Month. I care a lot about WG and everyone in it, as you guys are like an "online family" to me, silly as that sounds. Also, I believe my application for Honoured Guardian will be approved, so totally jumping the gun here, but thanks for considering me a valued member of the clan to deserve that rank.


    I love you all. - Casey (aka lvl 99 gay, lvl, 99, gay, lvl 99, 99 gay, and tank daddy)

  6. I rolled a Human Priest on Herod (PvP server) and already have a guild. Name's Swooty. Gonna go shadow until 50-60 then holy. Four more days!
  7. Casey

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    Welcome friend! Good luck! Welcome aboard, good luck!
  8. Casey

    [Accepted] l pacioli

    Welcome! I've bossed with you before and you don't scam loot and you're chill to talk to, so welcome! Hope to do some Sara soon!
  9. Casey

    [Declined] CHRONlCOM

    LMAO at Vio's spam You seem cool, I definitely support ya.
  10. Final Fantasy XIV BY FAR. I afk NMZ a lot and play. Also, I'm excited for classic WoW. Gonna roll a human holy priest.
  11. what is going on in here on this day
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