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    Alright so time to time, I get asked on how I trained all my accounts up, and I've been making this guide to explain it easy to people. There are other methods out there mentioned, but let me just say, the true beauty of this method is it's simplicity and hardcore AFKness.
    So, I'm a lazy grinder. I like achieving the grindier goals with the most minimal amount of effort possible. This is why NMZ was a godsend for me and many others, and I believe it can be for a huge number of people in this clan. As long as you're not lvl 99 in combat stats, then chances are that you can benefit from this.
    "Honestly tried this for the first time after thinking "it can't be that good" but it fucking is"
    - WG Craewyr, Honoured Guardian, Master Guardian
    I want to keep this guide as simple as possible. The pictures, essentially, should explain mostly everything.

    Who is this for?
    - Anyone with a busy schedule and can't afford RS the attention for other training methods.
    - Where the overload and rock cake/locator orb semi-AFK Hard Mode method won't quite cut it and you want true AFK that won't burn you out even if you do it for a month straight.
    - You can go to the gym, go to grocery shopping, Netflix/PS4 and much more and utilise Chrome Desktop to click on pots on your PC at home once every 20 mins. Extremely Simple.
    Stat Requirements
    Melee Method: 60 Attack, 60 Strength, 60 Defence
    Range Method: 60 Range, 60 Defence
    Magic Method: 59 Magic(quest req), 60 Defence

    Quest Requirements:
    The Ascent of Arceuus
    The Depths of Despair
    Mountain Daughter
    Vampyre Slayer
    What Lies Below
    Magic Method Requirement: Family Crest for Chaos Gauntlets
    1. Pick one of the gear loadouts below.
    2. Start Customisable Normal Rumble (22K per game)
    3. Enable ONLY these 5 bosses, NO OTHERS:

    4. Go to this exact square and have auto retaliate on:

    5. Refresh combat pots/absorption once every 15-20 mins. (Note: You can refresh after 20 mins and you will not die, however auto retaliate simply disables after 20 minutes so you will not get XP after that.)
    6. For the ULTIMATE AFK Experience and to unleash the true potential of this method, use Google Remote Desktop to refresh every 20 mins via your mobile phone:
    Now, here are the example setups for each type of combat style you want to train:
    Melee Setups:

    - Feel free to upgrade anything you want.

    - Generally the best cost efficient setup here. Max melee rapier is better, but out of pocket for most people.
    - Expect around 80K xp/hr

    - This setup is for absolute brand new accounts or if you can't afford Obby.
    - Upgrade whatever you like above.
    - Expect around 45k-50K xp/hr at base 60s
    Recommended stat training routine starting from 60 att, 60 str, 60 def:
    - 60/75/60, then 75/75/75, then 75/99/75, then 99/99/75, then 99/99/99.
    Ranged Setups:

    - Base setup. Will require probably around 100K Rune Arrows for 70-99 Range.
    - The D boots and D med are particularly important here to provide defence so you break even on NMZ points used on absorption pots.

    - Upgraded Setup, can use arma if you want to as well.
    - Can swap tank helm to a range helm if 90+ defence.
    - Can Swap Dhide, nezzy and gloves for Full Void as seen in other guides, however I prefer this.
    - Around 60K xp/hr
    Mage Setups:

    - Gloves are Chaos Gauntlets, raises max hit of Fire Wave to 15?
    - The key point here is to be as tanky as possible without Magic Atk Bonus falling into negative. Barrows = gp waste.
    - These XP Rates are FIXED at approx 42K xp/hr or 2.14gp/xp

    - At 75 Magic you can now use Occult Necklace. Fixed XP Rate of 45K xp/hr or 2gp/xp
    - Can swap malediction ward for mage's book if 90+ defence.
    - Will require probably 300K Chaos Runes for 60-99 Magic.

    Credits to Spellsey:
    Feel free to post or PM me on Discord if you have any questions!
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