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  1. Congratulations mate! I'm happy for you, shes a cute little future rev pker
  2. Didn't know that, thanks for letting me know
  3. Was on youtube and powermining iron at ardy, all of a sudden I see this dialouge with a golem, took me a couple of seconds to actually realize what happened lol
  4. Vulcan

    [Accepted] SubSkeet

    Finally man! Been wondering when are you going to apply, welcome back
  5. So some people wonder what I do most of the time since I'm either in nmz or not on osrs, I mostly play cs. Wanted to share my latest clips with you guys as a change of scenery, hope you like it
  6. Ugthanki Kebab like Yasti said, I think its great to try it out Summer pie?
  7. Yeah forgot about the stony basalt I think I will try it thanks
  8. Spent alot of time grinding agility to 73 mainly for the shortcut on troll stronghold patch, little did I know I was missing something after that grind... Post your fails lets make this a thing
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