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  1. Vulcan

    [Accepted] SubSkeet

    Finally man! Been wondering when are you going to apply, welcome back
  2. So some people wonder what I do most of the time since I'm either in nmz or not on osrs, I mostly play cs. Wanted to share my latest clips with you guys as a change of scenery, hope you like it
  3. Ugthanki Kebab like Yasti said, I think its great to try it out Summer pie?
  4. Yeah forgot about the stony basalt I think I will try it thanks
  5. Spent alot of time grinding agility to 73 mainly for the shortcut on troll stronghold patch, little did I know I was missing something after that grind... Post your fails lets make this a thing
  6. Couldn't upload last tab but it is just all my neckleces and rings
  7. Well since you put it that way, here you go
  8. Mostly CSGO and osrs but sometimes cod and fifa. Also love to play some of those story games, got tons of them but honestly I am only willing to say the witcher 3 is just something out of this world
  9. After a good 2-3 weeks of dieting, the best cheat meal for me could be anything junky really, but I'd say anything related to american or italian cuisine, most of the times I crave those monstrous burgers with everything on top
  10. Maybe when my bank is over 10m I will contribute to this thread haha
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