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  1. Congrats @lame brain recently hit 2k total myself so I know the feels
  2. big ups dude! also love the events you been putting on so far, more of that chill laid back shit sign me up
  3. Anything From Software, Zelda, and halo has a special place in my heart
  4. 2 screens, laptop and Asus 28 inch monitor, had this setups for 5 years now
  5. MacAfee didnt kill himself. but yes JRE is god tier podcast
  6. Meet lil bunny Clementine. She's a sweetheart. Gf is allergic to cats, dogs, so this is where we at
  7. Marketing Consultant, I buy/sell on marketplace as a side hustle and invest
  8. I'll try anything once, but I usually drink 5% beer Old Vienna is one of my personal favorites. Cheap, it tastes delicious and gets the job done. I also enjoy Cide, seltzer and TEQUILA!
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