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  1. Welcome to the clan!
  2. Suppert

    [Declined] iAmPro

    Welcome to Wilderness Guardians!
  3. Suppert

    [Declined] Zupiee

    Welcome glad to have you back!
  4. I hope they just end up redoing the finals I want to see a good show not a lagfest
  5. Well some of you know my name now cause I forgot to mute my mic when I was talking to my wife LOL but my names Andrew and I hope to go far in the clan!
  6. Suppert


    Bleu (grey) and Aria (black)! Chip (golden retriever), Harley (brown golden doodle), and Beau (black and white doodle)
  7. Best movie is Spirited Away because I mean come on its an amazing movie all around and really any hayao miyazaki movie is gonna be amazinggggg
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