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  1. @Tom Spanks UI use xbox game pass for pc sorry, no steam atm
  2. Once I reach my goals in rs (99 agility, maxing my 1 def pure and get the gold deco castle wars boots) I am prolly gonna play Age of Empires IV and just come to pk events in rs, which I look forward to.
  3. Another one who likes pking, always good
  4. It is always a good feeling to get it I know I have 2 on my main and 2 on my med, next will be my 1 def pure but propably gonna get it not before than 99 ranged so it comes a little easier which means a few weeks from now, I can't wait Yeye good job hope to see you pking with it one day with us!
  5. Welcome Mate! Thought your English was better haha, try get a little more story in ^^
  6. Another Finn to WG And an ex TMRD And even a friend of mine, triple x BEAUTY Can't wait to get to pking/waring with you!!
  7. Welcome and good luck! Also give me a shout in game (I play pm on) if you wanna go practise bridding anytime
  8. I used to do -Floorball for 2 years -Soccer 7 years -Tennis 1 year -Judo 1 year -MMA 1 year -Krav Maga 2 years Also tested a bit of baseball, boxing, han moo do, and swordplay in a team, Han Moo Do at first practise I challenged the Group Leader who had brown belt (He wasnt old) to a fight and I beat Him by throwing him off the fight area from above me no pic no proof well something like this didn't think I needed His teachings there so thats why I quit there Atm I go to Gym/Jog 3-7 times a week, Thinking about starting Krav Maga again as it was the most fun martial arts I did of the 6
  9. Please join our Discord server and read the #joining_wg channel to see the final step in the process. Chimaera Fin What is your current RS name? Chimaera Fin List any previous RS names: What is your total level and combat level? 1800 Skill total 126 Combat Tell us about your RuneScape account and history. Started playing september 2003, joined Tmrd at if I remember correctly January 2004 with the requirements 60cb 65hp for a pure. Among a few others I got to leader at the end of the summer 2004. At the rising to an admin at that time I became a pk leader #2 until I got to the main pk leader about a year after at Kill Guard2 stepping down. I was in TMRD sometimes stepping down sometimes taking back ranks and helping mostly with the pk side in things until tmrd turned community/pvm clan. I used to host The Alliance p2p pks if anyone of you oldies remember me from that, us fighting Di or me from sometime leading in Ta f2p pks of 200 people of us. Or maybe you remember me from tanking in f2p wars at like members gate or from p2p pks at Mage Bank 2006 summer I was quite active there I pked 31 whips in. After TMRD I was in Df and Di, I didnt put myself fully to the game so much anymore again, it was fun times still. Nowadays its f-keys and like 6 item switches. I have yet to learn, guess it would take 2 months Tell us about your clan history. The Mighty Red Dragons 2004-2010 Df 2011 Di 2016 Tell us about your yourself. My name is Marko, 32 years old from Finland, I paint roofs on summer and get to do less work on winter (I do other kind of jobs too) so I have more free time so thought I would see how OSRS is again. Logged in 3 days ago, I was even hacked before, so my friendlist was empty and I didnt know who was playing...I put public on and an ex tmrd messaged me and told about a few oldies who have started again, I got a little interested and so been doing a little LMS and f2p castle wars. Ye I also like going to gym and jogging, thinking about starting Krav Maga again, been to 5 different martial arts. I am a christian male, living alone atm. How did you hear about us? From fights and His Lordship videos long ago, from oldschool forums now What makes you want to join us? You still do PvP according to the forums, I would be interested to try sometimes and am hoping we would get to do an old school type of war in wilderness (members gate fun war or rune war or both). I might get interested of other things but PVP in f2p could be great start for me. Do you agree to the rules and requirements of WG and understand that this is an honour clan? Yes Come clean about anything that may deter us from accepting you:
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