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  1. WG Vang

    good luck
  2. WG Vang

    Welcome to my blog I will post my most of my small achievements here Total Level (10.12.2018) Finished Collections:
  3. WG Vang

    Wow nice to meet you founder I have been in bali just 1 month ago, great place!
  4. I was 8 years old 15 years ago Great video, who did the voice?
  5. WG Vang

    The lights on the wall I have one but if you want a proper cleanup you cant get around a normal vacuum cleaner
  6. WG Vang

    welcome nice rc lvl
  7. WG Vang

    Here is my update Still need 40min to regear xd
  8. WG Vang

    Made an upgrade. Now I can finally pk properly xd
  9. Any good loots? I bought 12 x nanoleafs for 199 CHF instead of 289 CHF I have been waiting for almost 2 years for the price to drop
  10. WG Vang

    Welcome What phone do you use ?
  11. WG Vang

    hi and welcome slaves
  12. WG Vang

    recently changed my setup
  13. WG Vang

    99 range in rs2 and 99 range in osrs
  14. WG Vang

    Lava eel fishing Also what phone do you have?