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Wilderness Guardians

Community Intro - Polllie

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Tell us about yourself.

Hey guys!
I'm writing this introduction for you guys to get to know me a little bit better, and of course for me to get to know you guys a little bit better!
My name is Leon and I live in The Netherlands, i'm about 26 years old and have a pretty busy life.
This year i bought a house together with my gf and we moved in a couple of months ago. I work as an IT (cloud) consultant, giving companies advice on how to change their IT infrastructure over the years. I love what i do but i'd also love to help my co-workers and thats why I also started a master of science study, according to Business IT & Management. So yea... you could say, i have a pretty busy life.
Working around 36 hours a week, study around 36 hours a week, just started to live together with gf (she's the best btw).

To keep my head a bit empty, i love to play some OSRS and i love you guys as the community you are. There's a lot of amazing people in here, and i hope to get to know even more of you! i'm mostly bankstanding, chatting or bossing on osrs because i'm not active enough to do the hard grinds anymore! I love to help some of you guys at bosses! Like when you need a tank or something, just let me know and i'll take all the hits! if i got time ofc :)
i also love to see the way events are being organised and executed here! yesterday a Corporal beast even, hosted by Corbula, it's amazing to see the amount of people joining in and chillin with eachother.
Well thats it for now, imma keep it short :)
Enjoy your days and i hope to have some good conversations with you guys :) thankyou for reading!


Clan history.  

Wilderness guardians!



How did you hear about us? Reddit, long long ago

Do you plan to join? been around on and off, will post my graduations form soon.


Any last comments?  

Respect to the admins / mods / managers in here, you guys are doing great work!

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