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  1. Misdeal

    Congratz dude, youre the one with glasses yeah?
  2. Misdeal

    Damn dude, I think Imitus is still dry on that lol
  3. Misdeal

  4. Misdeal

    good shit dude
  5. Misdeal

    Holy shit hes back ~<3
  6. Misdeal

    gz my boy
  7. Misdeal

  8. Misdeal

    still free money dude
  9. Misdeal

  10. Been hearing on reddit that rot was ddosing again during the final fights. But there was that a couple mass dcs when there was a bunch of people still in the tourney. I believe it happened to faux on stream too
  11. Misdeal

    Your intro looks pretty good mate. Whats your cousins username btw, maybe Im missing something, but I only ever see him referred to as "my cousin". Other than that you sound like a cool guy and gl with the rest of the process
  12. Misdeal

    oof gz mate
  13. Misdeal

    Chad, but most people call me misdeal
  14. Misdeal

    gratz my main man. keep up the good work
  15. Misdeal

    thats pretty cool mate. Is it pretty well laid out?