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  1. GZ
  2. Been hearing on reddit that rot was ddosing again during the final fights. But there was that a couple mass dcs when there was a bunch of people still in the tourney. I believe it happened to faux on stream too
  3. Your intro looks pretty good mate. Whats your cousins username btw, maybe Im missing something, but I only ever see him referred to as "my cousin". Other than that you sound like a cool guy and gl with the rest of the process
  4. oof gz mate
  5. Chad, but most people call me misdeal
  6. gratz my main man. keep up the good work
  7. thats pretty cool mate. Is it pretty well laid out?
  8. Hi

    lliked, commented and subsribed. This lets me join the giveaway yeah?
  9. good to see you apply finally, love the previous names lol. gl mate
  10. cool it takes me only like 10 seconds to do a switch
  11. glad to see you applied lol good luck mate
  12. nice dude! I am slowly but surely getting the requirement for lunar diplomacy to finish my elite
  13. whats the kc youre at? you can check though slayer log i got 100x d platelegs at around 1100
  14. woah is it just me or did we just find out a new type of event
  15. the lad himself is back, good luck dude