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  1. WG Shovel

    Finally, it's over, i'm free
  2. WG Shovel

    I feel the need to add this
  3. WG Shovel

  4. WG Shovel

    The sand arena has claimed many victims Good luck on the rebuild mate.
  5. WG Shovel

    Wanted a place to compile loot and chat about my pet hunting, will probably keep this updated even after the current pet hunt event is over cause i've been thinking about doing it anyhow. ATM this is basically a blank template but i'll add more bosses/loots as I go. For right now i'm doing Grotesque Guardians, KQ and Herbiboars. GROTESQUE GUARDIANS HERBIBOARS KALPHITE QUEEN DAY 1 Did not record DAY 2 70 Herbi KC (21 - 91) 14 Garg KC (72 - 83) DAY 3 3 Garg KC (83-86)
  6. WG Shovel

    Huh, I think this is the first app i've seen referencing reddit, welcome Look forward to seeing you at more events.
  7. WG Shovel

    Very nice. WC I don't care for much but thieving is a good skill.
  8. WG Shovel

    I can't believe you've done this @AAIGHT
  9. WG Shovel

    Lmao at this, about time though you've been floating around for a while now, welcome
  10. Title, he either needs to cut alright out of his vocabulary or change his name from @AAIGHT to AALRIGHT I'm just sick of being lied to.
  11. WG Shovel

    Alright folks threads over get the fuck out Also grats man that's a huge accomplishment
  12. WG Shovel

    Another day another black demon task -- except scales are fooking expensive right now, guess ima wait on that one, skilling time I guess.
  13. WG Shovel

    RIP, the tourny is always a joke in some way or another, this is just the flavor of shit for this season, it'll be something else next tourny.
  14. WG Shovel

    It does indeed, i'll cut you son To be fair so is my preferred IGN but I think it's safe for now.
  15. Just a quick FYI so people don't get confused -- I change my name a lot, just came up for a name change and changed my name to Tavanast the dead god of honor from Stormlight Archive i'll jump names from time to time so I guess this thread will be my permenant heads up thread Oh and spoilers obviously on that wiki page