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  1. WG Shovel


    Very nice, I think a big part of that is not scaring off new players with hard requirements and in general being an inviting non toxic community, road to #1 clan
  2. WG Shovel

    Lmao I barely played at all yesterday tbh, I lost the SOTW in the social clan i'm in cause of it. If you're using AHK the same way as mouse keys I don't really see a problem, mouse keys is so much more annoying to work with. I'm debating on doing a few hours of lavas a day on top of my blood rc -- i'm intending to grind to 99 by this time in november, but we'll see.
  3. WG Shovel

    @AAIGHT do you use mouse keys? Was watching your lava rc vid and had to slow it down to even see your clicks lmao
  4. WG Shovel

    What's the deal with the inventory blur Farg? Looks like good fun.
  5. WG Shovel

    Could have just picked one up for 10k in the G.E GL with proposal
  6. WG Shovel

    "Hey guys i've been working in my own time to make hosideous smaller and feel more natural" "Hey guys you know how you all think Zeah is too big and empty and we recently talked about fixing that? Here are some new areas for Zeah!" The skill looks meh, likely won't be profitable which means another buyable to max which fucking sucks. Doesn't seem particularly interesting either, looks like smithing and rc had an even uglier child. The elven stuff could be cool but given the previous history of quests there is gonna take hours for next to no reason. Overall, this runefest's announcements get a Meh/10 from me
  7. WG Shovel

    You no lucky Ja'lyt, Fargorn
  8. WG Shovel

    Gotta say getting a follow up kill on Zulrah has proven elusive but i'm determined to learn
  9. WG Shovel


    Big grats, now you just need to max so you can finally play the game.
  10. WG Shovel

    Fuck, those Guinea pigs have a nicer house than me and they're pulling off the pudgy thing way better. I'm a cat person but I may be converted yet. Your signature led me to this thread btw.
  11. WG Shovel

    Not gonna lie, I hate it atm. The old wiki is still at the top of every google search and the new format while visually appealing just looks weird to me cause I'm used to the old one. I don't like change I guess lmao
  12. WG Shovel

    Yes, this is me, Mojo from watchmojo.com It's probably gonna be mask now tbh
  13. WG Shovel

    (fig. 1 above, an absolute unit) As some but not all of you know, I asked for @WG Toph's help to get my fire cape and zulrah kill for western elite diaries because my internet was shite, I trusted him, he offered and I was at the end of my fucking tether. Well, since then i've moved and my internet is a lot better here (from 1.5 mb/s to 40 mb/s). I decided I could no longer live with the shame of not having earned these things myself and gave it a good old go. Today I earned my first fire cape and it feels great. Got it on my first attempt in a year and a half. Yesterday, I also got my first zulrah kill. It wasn't clean, but I did that too. I feel i've grown a lot as a player in the last year and a half, and honestly the better ping doesn't hurt either. Bossing with the clan and doing (a lot) of demonic gorillas has definitely helped my confidence so I want to thank you all for the first, though i'd like to forget about the gorillas. For those interested, here is wave 63, can't decide if I tanked a range hit near the end there (2:35) or not, but I think I may have also been just a smidge lucky on this kill lmao. In conclusion, nobody can shame me about fire cape and zulrah anymore, even though none of you did though I well deserved it. Back to finish my gorilla task, I guess. I have received 2 monkey tails, 2 light frames, 3 heavy frames, 3 Ballista springs, 1 limb, 3 palm seed drops, 4 spirit seed drops and a hard clue, but no zenyte in a little over 1100 KC across 2 accounts. Please shoot me in the head.
  14. THIS IS GOOD https://i.gyazo.com/5c134beabb5c536a5419597901223c2e.png SHOOT ME IN THE FUCKING HEAD https://i.gyazo.com/d7f79b5fc189d7b60a6af9f8872f692a.png THANKS FOR WATCHING BYE