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  1. What are you saying about Mod jej
  2. So a few folks know my name has changed (again), this time it's because i'm a fucking moron though. Was thinking about doing a bet with Tooth, forfeit would be changing our name to something, was brainstorming ideas checking names, accidentally changed my name to Budget Toph Aight you leave my name alone you prick.
  3. @Lait Choco His accounts are gone from high scores, knew I'd work it out lmao
  4. People were using his Twitter going down as evidence there was something else but I can't remember th, I'll edit if it comes back
  5. WG Shovel

    Wg are an odd bunch but good apples all of them. You should fit right in.
  6. Tbh this is just me the last time I did deadman
  7. Shiiit, gotta be competing with what I now know to be bots for apples and pie dishes in the cooking guild in f2p and cooking and selling apple pies for my gp
  8. WG Shovel

    Hadn't seen it before now but I love posts like this. Huge dedication man I don't think I could stay there that long.
  9. WG Shovel

    I think the old classic of offering her 10k runescape gp should do it. I really think this is the sort of thing that should be carefully tailored to the person. Tying it to something important to both of you can't go wrong. A favourite place, a memory, your dick. I'm partial to the last one but you do you. Asking folks on the internet would not be my first suggestion tbh Really I don't think anyone can tell you what's right for the two of you. Second to last girl I dated would have loved a grand romantic gesture like in a movie but the most recent one likely would have beaten me with my own penis for trying. Anyway that's my 2 cents. I've never proposed but I've thought about it a bit though. I wish you good luck with it, if things work out you can celebrate with vodka, and if they don't there's still vodka
  10. WG Shovel

    I absolutely love it. I've had no internet other than my ,obile data for a while and I've been doing a lot on it. Highlights include corp masses with the clan, bandos trips and even a little questing. Skilling is reasonably easy but hard if you care about ehp. I really don't think there are many things you can't do on mobile which I think is great. The interface is a lot harder to use than pc but once you get used to it can be played reasonably naturally, heck I did 20 demomic gorillas on it no trouble at all, just missed the odd switch so I ate more. Once I have internet on at home again I doubt I'll use it much, probably mostly for skilling while watching tv with the family or nmz. But its been a real blessing for me atm and I honestly don't think there are any limits to the content you can do on mobile if you have a stable connection and understand what you're doing.
  11. WG Shovel

    Lmao at Jagex being like yeah, if you're joining you should probably have two internet connections cause we are not gonna protect against DDoS attacks
  12. WG Shovel

    I thought it felt too fucking cold, guess winter 2017 and 2018 came at the same fucking time
  13. WG Shovel

    That could be fun tbh, plus it'd get us all in one spot so Mojo can exile us for tradhy weebyness easier
  14. WG Shovel

    Weird dude, like talking to an angry lumbridge tutor, keeps trying to tell me weird ways to grind xp
  15. WG Shovel

    Dude ended up apologising then invited me to his 99 party lmao