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  1. Prolly KC 3 draconic visage from KBD.
  2. YFW

    Ayyy grats man, very nice milestone
  3. I had never heard of Disc Golf before now and i'm not sure how I feel about it now lmao
  4. Redwoods would drive me nuts, I think i'd rather something active like teaks. I assume you're watching something or playing another acc on the side to make it bearable?
  5. Oh i'm dyslexic lmao i'll try again after i've woken up some
  6. I actually fucking loved that. Tunes were great and it was fucking funny man.
  7. Welcome, I see you're a 1 runecrafting pure
  8. Can't believe that shit is actually a word how do I report Vio? Anyhow if this ain't over i'm throwing Coning in
  9. Welcome, hope to see you around
  10. Welcome, hope you stick around
  11. Lmao I had to ask Toph to help to get a kill for diary, can't even imagine getting 3k KC. Gz on infinite gp. Are you hunting pet or just for geepees?
  12. I somehow did not know this. Huh.
  13. What methods did you use? 99 Thieving is on my long list of goals atm. 99 Hunter and RC being up there.
  14. The tb on log is gonna be nice because i'm a crybaby skiller who occasionally enters the wildy. Seriously though nothing more annoying than having a tb hit while runecrafting and having to wait for that shit to wear off.