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  1. poiuyt415

    Very nice!
  2. poiuyt415

    How much did it sell for?
  3. poiuyt415

    welcome to our forums dude, i was thinking you'd know sabre due to your name
  4. poiuyt415

    you photo is fucking beautiful mt pineapple
  5. poiuyt415

    welcome mate, app is looking good!
  6. poiuyt415

    yes... are you??
  7. poiuyt415

    nev can not be trusted! , welcome bacl dude hope the cooking training is almost at 99 now
  8. poiuyt415

    why is it the goldeneye theme song ahaha ! killed me
  9. poiuyt415

  10. poiuyt415

    a 1 kc KQ account youll forever remain
  11. poiuyt415

    RNG sure works in weird ways, only a minor achievement but what a coincidence of this happening! one step closer to getting that desert diary done now
  12. poiuyt415

    pretty close to me, representing london
  13. poiuyt415

    come back to dota daddy plus i love strageies/rpgs too i need to join you on some
  14. poiuyt415

    Rains gonna rain, Haters gonna hate and AAIGHT... well AAIGHT is always gone rc , welcome dude
  15. poiuyt415

    imma give my full address, i want mini showing up