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  1. poiuyt415

    currently 900 kc with no uniques
  2. poiuyt415

    goodluck man! hope to still see you around when you get the time!
  3. poiuyt415

    damn online? will be interesting to see hwo they do it, as if its similar to eilder scrolls online or like a smaller scale with more focus. i love fall out so will i cant wait to play this one
  4. poiuyt415

    you're all beautiful specimens
  5. poiuyt415

    revs are the highest level of pking one can achieve i guess were all stuck in this cc if we ever want to pk cause husk will smite us down
  6. poiuyt415

    the level of petty here is just the perfect amount, way to beat him at his own game lol! nothing better then making some kid like this rage and waste time lol
  7. poiuyt415

    im liek 1000 kills dry of zenny shard lol, feels bad man
  8. poiuyt415

    fantastic application, nice to have you with us! one issue however, my name should go befoore AAights cause he is a noob, other then that its good
  9. poiuyt415

    known scammer, i mean he says he likes rcing! automatic rejection !
  10. poiuyt415

    woah sorry dude, gonna have to deny ya! you have 31 thieveing and that is unacceptable! 30 levels too high! haha, welcome to the family man! look forward to scaping with ya
  11. poiuyt415

    i rmeember funorb back in the day, think i only played one game on there which was sick, armies of gielinor was the game lol
  12. poiuyt415

    can neither confirm nor deny those accusations (but it works
  13. poiuyt415

    Nice application! look forward to having you as part of the clan
  14. poiuyt415

    now its not as impressive as the Elysian sigil but i was pretty taken back when i got the Imp champion scroll first kill hunting for an ecumencial key (which took 40 minutes ) but its still a 1/5000 drop rate whcih ill take.... however would prefer it at shamans or vorki or maybe for pet! at least i can get the music track it unlocks tho